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Flatwoods Monster



...Allright... This has to be the WORST cryptid ever! No, seriously, this creature and its story looks like a SPOOF of a cryptid legend!

Basically one night in 1952 five kids, their dog and two adults saw a UFO landing in a woodland. So they went and found the UFO... Alongside this 10-foot tall... THING... That was described having a red head with bright eyes and a black heart-shaped cowling, a green man-shaped body clad in a dark pleated skirt..? And not only that, but the clown..I MEAN "CRYPTID" also emanated a stinky mist?!

...Okay, where are the Power Rangers when you need them?
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Nov 27, 2013, 12:28:35 AM
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i watched a video about the flatwoods monster. heres a link to it:

but annyyywayyy i think this art is funny. looks like earth decided to change gravity and there you go. flatwoods monster emabrrassed very publicly. but seriously if i saw that thing in front of my house i would do this: