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The Silence of Thunder - Chapter 12
"Shit!" Jack hopped down from the slab, quickly grabbing the fingers of the shrouded figure who passed out at his touch. Jack picked her up and laid her on the slab. He searched for the cause of the blood, and then found the tubing she had been holding and realized it was his blood. "It's ok, it's only my blood."
"Your blood," The Doctor asked. Jack nodded, removing the tubing from her, and the pouch that had collected his blood.
"They wanted to harvest my blood," Jack explained.
"Why the hell would they do that," Shana snapped, her anger still seething at the loss of revenge against the Matrons. "Jack, get her... somewhere," Shana said, turning her back on the crumpled mass. "I have to go check this place out." Jack nodded, though Shana had already turned her back to him. Whatever was going on with her, she was obviously not in a mood he could easily get her out of. The best thing, for now, would be to nod, and do as she "asks/demands" until she does calm down.
Shana left the room, th
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The Silence of Thunder - Chapter 11
The blood was pumping out of him, draining him. He would die soon. A fact, not just a thought. Not a big deal either.  They would torture him, drain him, kill him, and most likely repeat the process when he returned from the dead. It wouldn't be the first time, nor the last time anything like this had happened to him.
As his husk of flesh was being purged of blood, his mind wondered over to the shaking, scared form of the small shrouded figure. Was it Shana? It couldn't be. They had said that all their plans were destroyed, and that he had killed their "prodigies". Which hadn't happened until after he met Shana, and this figure is too young to be her.
One of her clones then, possibly. But born later. A back-up plan maybe?
He was fading now. He will die soon. His last thoughts were for the girl. For the girl and whatever they had plans with his blood. His mind was still putting the pieces together, trying to figure it out.
The last of the blood dripped down the tube, and he was nea
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Ok, I so wasn't going to do this. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED to help. I don't mind, I'm easy.

The reason I AM doing this is cause a friend of mine wants me to paint a portrait of their dog. He wants a canvas print so he can give it to his mom for Christmas.

That's what the points are for. If you wanna see the dog in progress, its here:

Thanks for your support!

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I am looking for an artists who can draw mice. 

I don't care if it's CGI, photo manip, pen and paper, water color or whatever. HOWEVER it can NOT be manga or anime.

There IS a reason. IF interested, send me a PM or EMAIL for an explanation.

Thank you!

~ Killy


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