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How long can you survive?

Font: Micro N55


• Keyboard support provided by HotKey plugin (included)
• Input buffer for chaining inputs
• Multiple difficulties
• High score list


• Direction: ARROW KEYS
• Start/Pause: ENTER
• Settings: ESC


- Rebalanced lower difficulties to be more challenging.
- Updated HotKey plugin to

- Updated HotKey plugin to; improved input responsiveness.
- Deactivate key input and pause while unfocused.
- Fixed input while paused cheat.
- Added "Press ENTER" hint while paused.

- Added input buffer system.
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I just hope there's an option for grid in it. Because I feel more comfortable playing this kind of game with grid to make me more focus. (But maybe I could add it by myself later on). Besides that this is literally great, good to clearing my mind.

can you create something like this for minesweeper?

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how do i turn off the sound? :0

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Press ESC to open the settings menu.

It should have a border because I have a black desktop and keep on crashing into the wall that I can't see.
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You can change the colors. Right-click > Edit skin

Snake color:
; ----------------STYLES----------------


Text color:

Background color:
; ----------------METERS----------------

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When I first saw this, I thought it was a Metal Gear [Solid] style of skin! Lol! I think the font has a lot to do with it!
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At first try, score: 11
I did try turn it 180 degree, but probably I pressed too quick on the arrows and crashed into the wall
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There's no such thing as too quick with input buffering, though inputs could be missed before, especially on higher difficulties. But the updated plugin should fix that.
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