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An arc clock designed to be naturally readable to the minute while maintaining a minimum quantity of elements. Two ways to read the current 5-minute interval are demonstrated.

Left-click to toggle digital time / date / blank and day of the week / month / blank.
Middle-click to toggle color / alternate color.
Use the settings pop-up below the digital display to set color / alternate color and toggle shadow.

Included font is Sinner by Helge Barske; it will not be installed to the system.

Check out PolarCPU and PolarDisk for matching system meters.

Philippe Starck has nothing on this.


- Removed right-click functionality to enable right-click menu.

- Removed delay correction due to changes in Rainmeter 2.3.
- Optimizations due to loss of need for parallelism.
- Requires Rainmeter 2.3.3 or above.

- Added config pop-up to customize colors, hidden until moused over.
- Requires Rainmeter 1.4 or above.

- Packed in .rmskin - one click installation.
- Persistent settings - remembered through reboots.
- Blank digital display toggle merged.
- Consolidated from 12 .ini files to 4.
- Whole area of skin is draggable.
- Maths have delightful commentary.
- Looks exactly the same as before.
- Requires Rainmeter 1.3 or above.

What is Rainmeter?
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An awesome clock - took me a while to realize how it worked, but its cool the way it does
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<font><font>好工作:) (Smile) </font></font>
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Thank you for thanking me.
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My Fav so far for the date!
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My only problem is that I desire to switch the color AWAY from Black or white...
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Rather than bother explaining, I've added a UI to allow access to these settings without digging into the guts of the skin. Come get the new version.
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Thanks, I spent quite some time combing through the settings and stuff for the skin, got nowhere
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You're welcome, enjoy experimenting with all the garish, nauseating colors you want that I don't even want to think about.
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Nah, I was merely looking for it to be more visible, mine is currently red, thank you
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hey, I'm a big fan of the clock and i've been using it for a while, but I have a question.

whenever i try to change the color of an element, the second hand for example, from the default #color# to a hex value, the color changes normally, but the skin's font is changed to something like Calibri (probably the system font). I don't always use the text so it's not a big problem, but it would be nice if i could make it work.

any ideas what's up? and thanks again for posting your work up here.
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Though I am unable to reproduce your problem, that behavior means you have a syntax error and Rainmeter is reverting to default display settings. Font is controlled by "LocalFont=#CURRENTPATH#SINNER__.TTF" in the [Rainmeter] section and "FontName=sinner" in the [Variables] section.

In 1.1 I moved the variables, like #Color#, to "C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\PolarPrecise\", so they could be *ahem* easily changed across the whole skin.
Sorry, kind of new to this... How do I add more arcs?
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Right click on the Rainmeter systray icon, go to PolarPrecise > Edit Skin.

You can add arc meters alongside the existing ones as specified at [link] reading existing measures, or make new ones.

I will soon be releasing a set of CPU meters to compliment PolarPrecise.
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You're welcome? Confused :confused:
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I like it very much. Now I'll need to make custom system monitors to go with it...
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This one's style doesn't play nice with most existing skins, to be sure. If you make yours polished, be sure to upload them!
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It's really hard to make skins that can keep up with the beauty of yours, I have to admit.
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Wow. So clear. Great work.
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