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Displays audio FFT as 3D point cloud visualizations.

Video demonstration


  • Scale, rotate, and apply perspective to visualizations
  • Choose from 23 presets or create your own
  • Fade, gradient, and spectrum coloring
For an explanation of the 3D rendering algorithm, see Hologram.


  • Scroll to zoom.
  • Scroll over or click arrows to adjust pitch/roll/yaw. Middle-click to reset to 0.
  • Click cog or middle-click for settings.
  • Once the visualizer is set up to your liking, I recommend enabling click through. (right-click → Settings → Click through)

See Also

How to create your own visualizations
If a visualization you make is interesting and unique enough, I'll include it as a default preset in HoloFFT!

If you have an idea for a visualization but math is not your forte, post a comment and I'll see what I can do.


- Added Dipole, Fountain, Halo, Meteor, Ripple, Spheroid, Tornado presets.
- Removed Disc variants, Paraboloid variants, Shock, Spike, Spindle presets.
- Changed Sphere, Vortex presets.

- Changed rotation buttons to a slider.

- Added option to filter points representing silence.
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If only people could learn to stop creating these useless on-screen options. How do I disable it? Every time I need to click on something the whole thing comes up.