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Guild Wars 2 World vs World Map Overlay

A WvW map in Rainmeter that can be used as a transparent overlay or blown up for a secondary display.

FNAF 2 Red Warning  Please be patient while I update the skin for the new API.


 Scale from postage stamp size to 4K
 Display any one or all maps
 Minimize to scoreboard
 Righteous Indignation and siege decay timers
 RI tracked regardless of displayed map
 Tooltips with guild names
 Update every 5 seconds
 Pause updates after 30 minutes idle
• Autoset self to topmost when GW2 is running
 High-res maps and objective icons


1. Install Rainmeter.
2. Download (link top right) and install this skin.
3. Set GW2's display resolution to "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Window".


• Scroll to zoom.
 Click scores for map select menu.
 Double-click scores to toggle minimize.
 Click objectives to copy waypoints/points of interest and RI times.
 Middle-click objectives to set siege decay timers.
 Access world select in right-click menu.
• After weekly WvW reset, right-click menu ➨ "Refresh skin" to retrieve the new match up.

See Also

• World Boss Timer
Dungeon Tracker


Post here, or message me on Reddit.


- Fixed to accommodate changes in API formatting.

- Fixed map selection menu behavior on toggling minimize.

- Fixed and future proofed API parsing.

- Copy objective waypoint only if owned, otherwise copy PoI.

- Added RI timer copy to clipboard.
- Optimized scaling performance.

- Refocus GW2 on interaction.

- Fixed ownership errors while bloodlust unclaimed.
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I translated most of the widget to German. Is there an easy way to add multilanguage-support to Rainmeter-Skins? I would love to help with the translation.
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There's no prepared system or convention for localization.

Sorry about the string mess in the Lua. I wanted to separate translatable strings from the code like in the boss timer to make localization and language switching more elegant, but local variables in Lua are only available within the same file, and I didn't want to waste RAM making all the strings globals. (Though that would be, um, 1 kb of memory?)

When the new borderlands drops I'll have to tear everything up anyway, at that time I'll provide proper localization support. I should be able to get translations from other WvW websites, thanks for the offer though :)
Still planing an update for HoT?
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I wonder if when the extension (or changing maps McM) happens, you think to change your module to fit the new maps?

If you think you do, I will be happy to provide the FR translation of this one, or to provide it to you, or change the skin in update FR version.
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Yes, of course I will keep it up-to-date.

It remains to be seen if there will be some sort of rotation between the old and new borderlands which will complicate things.
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Thanks for patch. This is my first experience with Rainmeter and was sad when this wasn't working. All fixed now. Happy dance again.
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RegExp are false now, API is modified i think
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Yeah, they removed all the whitespace in the JSON. Thanks for letting me know.
I only modified one line in GW2WvW.ini, RegExp= in [mObj]. Replace that in your custom translated version.
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Thanks you for the patch.
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Good Morning

There is a big problem since the last update to Guild Wars 2. Almost all the information is false.

Only the total score is right and it is indeed good map and the worlds are correct.

The names of the places are in the right place but the catch is not displayed correctly, they are all mixed. Intermediate scores are necessary because the points are the good and the total does not 695. The graph is also false and often empty space.

Catches times are also wrong.
In short, it is a disaster.

I had the problem on my version (French translation). so I tested your version, and it's the same thing.

I put a screen shot where we see the problem, I put true scores and the true map ( :…

I do not know what Arena changed but it's really violent.
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ArenaNet changed the ordering of objectives in the API. Because I was using a lean but fragile method of manual JSON parsing (going by order instead of by ID), that screwed up my app without affecting other web apps that handle JSON strictly. I'm future proofing my app as we speak so that won't happen again.

EDIT: Fixed. Thanks for your patience.
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Thanks !

I look you have add an script for start with game, i have do it too but with different way. Your script cause alert message in windows but my way is without message because this is rainmeter who start skin.

i use a launcher who start with rainmeter and start and close skin with the game.

If you want see my way i put the modify skin (in french)…
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That launcher sure is convenient. I need to get cracking on the generic launcher.
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That´s Gr8

i Play GW From the Beginn, that´s the Only Game that i Love !
[even perhaps 7-8 year´s ...?] - [D2 - D3 50% and GW 100%]
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i'm stunned, that rainmeter is even capable of  something like this. the skin is awesome in every way! i would suggest though, that the "minimized" view, or that part of the skin could be less obtrusive/more practical, for example if it was to be on top/beside the actual WvW HUD (at the top of the screen).
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My own usage agrees that it can get in the way sometimes. I have a generic launcher in the works that blends in with the top left icons.
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