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Guild Wars 2 World Boss Timer Overlay

By killall-q
A Rainmeter skin styled to blend in with the game interface, transparent until moused over.

Why Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a lightweight, customizable widget platform. Rainmeter skins are easily modified scripts, and their .rmskin installers can be opened as zip archives, making them more trustworthy than executables.


• One-click waypoint link copy with boss name and countdown
• Countdown and local time
• Mini mode with next standard and hardcore bosses, with countdowns on mouseover
• Normal mode with current and next standard bosses, and next hardcore boss
• Long mode with infinite scrolling
• 4 size settings corresponding to GW2 interface sizes
• Mark events as done
• Automatically reset done status at daily reset
• Activate audio alerts for events


1. Install Rainmeter.
2. Download (link top right) and install this skin.
3. Set GW2's display resolution to "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Window".


• Left-click to copy waypoint link to clipboard.
• Middle-click to toggle event done status.
• Double-click to toggle audio alert for event.
• Use controls on bottom bar to change mode/size.

See Also

WvW Map
Dungeon Tracker


Post here, or message me on Reddit.


- Changed auto-topmost to detect GW2's 64-bit client.

- Changed font to match GW2's typography.

- Minor aesthetics: aligned T+ times with T- times.

- Refocus GW2 on interaction.

- Autoset self to topmost when GW2 is running.
- Removed topmost toggle button.

- Added a button to toggle topmost position.
- Fixed mini/normal mode displaying incorrect hardcore boss countdown just before daily reset.

- Updated boss rotation for June 17th patch.
- Mini mode now shows next standard and hardcore bosses.
- Normal mode now shows current and next standard bosses, and next hardcore boss.
- Long mode shows standard and hardcore bosses together, arranged by time.
- Long mode now scrolls 2 lines per step.
- Scrolling now supports arbitrary step sizes.

- No longer sets self to topmost on refresh.

- Fixed mini mode not showing next boss if switching from long mode after scrolling.

- Added date check to reset done status in cases that skin was not active at daily reset.
- Default position on refresh is now topmost instead of stay topmost.
- Fixed mini mode boss name not updating, broken in previous update.
- Fixed alert/done erasing that could corrupt storage of those values.

- Added a "+" next to T+ times.
- Normal mode now shows current and next 2 bosses.
- Fixed rare possible incorrect sign on copied countdowns.
- Fixed a Lua stack overflow.
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Spockandcookies's avatar
Yay! this is awesome! any chance you'll make a skin for the HoT metas? ive seen one tracker on dulfy (…) but its javascript. i couldnt figure out how they set the timer start so i cant work on it on myself :< 
killall-q's avatar
Looks doable, when I have time.
Spockandcookies's avatar
yay! ty :3
edit: in the end i started working on it myself, im not sure if ill get it to work correctly but its looking pretty good :) i still have to label it and figure out how to make it display the times on each phase and stuff but the base is done!
sneak peak:…
killall-q's avatar
Wow, that looks pretty nice. I will have to figure out a design that takes up as little space as possible while being informative. I'm thinking a linear layout similar like Dulfy's that shrinks when not moused over.
Spockandcookies's avatar
yea that probably will work better than mine, i just thought rotators look cool and are easy to set up.. i still have to figure out a way to make them sync with the time tho i was never good with code lol >.< 
killall-q's avatar
Work in UTC, that's server time.

In Rainmeter:

Or in Lua:'!%H:%M')
Thank you for the great utility. Is there a way to set up the alert sound some minutes before the time of the event (like 5 minutes, or better a custom value)? If not, could you please add this option in a future version or explain me how to edit the "scripts" if possible? Thank you in advance.
killall-q's avatar
You can shift alert times globally by any amount.

In GW2WBT.lua:
function Update()
    local slotTemp ='!%H') * 4 + math.floor(('!%M') + 5) / 15) + 1
(Put parentheses around'!%M') then add any number of minutes to it.)
Thank you, the real time of events changes with this modification (even if returns normal from time to time but not permanently) for example with "+5" the times are shifted back by 15 minutes but the alert works 5 mins before the real time so it is still a working solution.

Maybe if you release a new version and you could clean and insert this option it would be really great since for some events (like the karka's queen) it is better to join the map some minutes in advance. Anyway thank you very much for these great tools (the dungeon tracker is useful too)!
killall-q's avatar
I agree, a customizeable warn ahead time per event would be a vital feature.
JaeOnasi's avatar
Thanks so much--this is helping me a lot, and I will be using it to host our World Boss event for our guild. I appreciate your work! :)
dynozah's avatar
This is so helpful, thanks so much!
TheCrusher's avatar
Superb work Killall. Is there any way to add more rows? For example I am doing daily the Orr events and also Dredge, Rhendak and Ogre wars. I would also like to have them in this widget so I can cross them after they are done. Maybe also add some kind of profile option for those who do the events with more then one character?
killall-q's avatar
I've made a stripped down version with only waypoint copy and event done status. It resets daily or manually.

GW2 Waypoints

 Click title to toggle expand.
• Left-click to copy waypoint link to clipboard.
• Middle-click to toggle event done status.
 Reset manually in the right-click menu.
 Right-click > "Edit skin" for instructions to add/edit events.
TheCrusher's avatar
Thank you very much Sir! I rise my hat to you :)

Is there a way to align the text on the right side?
killall-q's avatar
Sorry it's so ridiculously wide by default, it's just to be the same width as GW2WBT. If it's taking up too much space on the right edge of the screen, adjust the width.

Right-click the skin and select the bold text to open the skin's folder. In "(at)Resources\Styles" open in Notepad the "" file that corresponds to the size you are using. Adjust EventW, save, and refresh the skin.
TheCrusher's avatar
Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for all your hard work, now it's just perfect.

LE: Was it suppose to minimize when clicking on the title? (because it does not ... at least for me).
killall-q's avatar
Security settings may be preventing the skin from writing to its settings file. (It remembers its minimize state.) Your Rainmeter skins folder should be in "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins", where Rainmeter will be able to write to freely. You can move the skins folder manually, then click the Rainmeter system tray icon, "Edit settings", and change "SkinPath=".

Or check if "(at)Resources\" is blocked in file properties because it was downloaded from the web.
Deltatech's avatar
This was good execution of a great Idea. Thanks for sharing.
scribble-and-blot's avatar
I love it, but somehow I cannot get the overlay in-game and have to keep alt-tabbing, even though it's set to stay topmost?
killall-q's avatar
In GW2's graphics options, set the display resolution to "Windowed Fullscreen" or "Window".
Is it just me or did this stop working some days ago? It does not show up at all, not even on the desktop, reinstalled it several times already, still no luck.
killall-q's avatar
It doesn't use any API so it's immune to internet malfunctions. Nor should Y2K be an issue. Some far-out possibilities:

1. Ensure that Rainmeter is running and the skin is loaded.
2. You may have moved it to a secondary monitor and unplugged the monitor.
3. You may have unchecked "Keep on screen" and dragged it so only an edge was left visible.
4. You may have set the transparency to 100%.

All these can be troubleshooted by right-clicking the Rainmeter system tray icon and checking the skin's settings.
Alternatively, you can set your layout to default to wipe those settings.
Setting my layout back to default and readding all the skins fixed it for me, kinda weird because I never touched the settings in the first place ever since I first set it all up. Thanks for the quick answer and keep up the good work!
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