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I finally did a Sunbutt vector. S3 opening is where I got it from.

Lastest :iconponyscape-vectors: 0.4.3 Patched

SVG: [link]

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Could I possibly use this as part of a game mod I've created? Credit will of course be given.

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 muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon]
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Celestia is the princess of equstia and she rises the sun every day.:love: 
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Wow Celestia is beautiful muy good :D
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i've always wanted to brush celsetia's mane X3 not really sure why though 
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muy Good princess Celestia is so beautiful ^^ I like Love Love 
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Could I use this for artwork showing them walking around the dinning room of a cruise ship?
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As long as you link back here that is alright with me.
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Can I use this for a wallpaper that I am making?
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Sure, just send me a link when you are done and credit me.

I look forward to seeing it.
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i feel silly, but i cannot for the life of me get the svg imported into illustrator without it getting some kind of strange gradient on it, do you have any idea what might cause that?
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I can only guarantee that the SVG will open in Ponyscape.
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ah, i understand
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beautiful Celestia :D
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I am glad you do
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Very nice vector there.
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Nice Celestia. Well done
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