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The USS Kyushu is sent to investigate a large shock wave emanating from an uncharted sector. Not much is known and the Science officer predicts that it happened sometime ago because of the distance it took the shock wave to reach the nearest Starfleet probe. After a couple of weeks at cruising warp speed the cause of the shock wave was blatant, something literally had blown chunks out of the planet. The planets molten core has fused and anything that was on the planet such as an atmosphere has been blown away. Further scans and a rock sample yielded nothing of any value into determining the cause of this calamity.

A big thanks to unusualsuspex for providing me with the New Orleans, Sci-Fi art models are near impossible to find on the internet now. Thanks man, she is one of my all time favourite Starships.

I also had another go at 3D asteroids this time they came out much better, each one is rendered, all with varying rock/moon textures along with bump and displacement maps to mix things up a bit. The Large planet is also a 3d object using a technique I found to break up objects in Max. That was also a big help.

Models rigged in 3ds max 9
Composition and Post effects in Photoshop CS4
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I would have loved to see more of These Ships in TNG
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I've always loved the New Orleans class.
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Sounds a bit like Star Trek 6 when Praxes exploded
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Yeah that's where I got inspiration from, except the blast wave isn't a light speed travelling death wave. :D
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You're welcome for the ship mate! I know what you mean about some models being hard to find, especially after the fall of Star Trek Australia :(

Nice image :)
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Thanks, I do wish ST:A was still here I heard they had some great models. I wonder why it shut down?
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Loss of interest was the rumour I heard but I did manage to grab some meshes before they went :)
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Cool and how could there be a lack of interest?!? People seem to be all over 3d models and the like now.
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Simple yet effective story!

Shame we know the fate of this ship.

Excellent work :)
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Thanks, I could go all out with a story but I like to leave some of it out for others to fill out.

Makes it even more poignant that we know how the ship goes, shame really I love the look of this little ship.

Thanks again!:D
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This was one of the conceptual designs for the Enterprise D - but no doubt the large torpedo bays put the Great Bird of the Galaxy off...fool.

Good call - it creates imagination - something missing in this world...

Pleasure sir :)
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It should have been the Ent-D, the New Orleans shape makes much more sense. Rigid and everything all integrated whilst keeping the lines of the original.
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Indeed - but that's Gene for you!
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