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All there is in this dark room is a stool with a spotlight on it. A woman who answered a call for a photo shoot came walking in and sat down. She is 5'9" tall, D Cup breasts, slim fit body, African descent, long and curly brunette going down to her shoulder blades with blonde streaks. She is ordered to take her shirt off to reveal her defined abs.

"Wow! Those look amazing!" The photographer, whose figure is hidden in the dark room, compliments her body's physique. "Please show me more of that abs of yours."

She complies blushing a little.

"Thanks, I work out a lot to keep my abs rock hard."

"I would say anyone would think twice if they could break those abdominal walls of yours."

The photographer continues while at the same time talking her up about how strong she looks.

"I bet you could take a hit and not feel a thing. I don't a tank could make a mark," he jokingly remarks.

The woman showing off her body to the photographer suddenly thinks out loud. "You know, I haven't quite tested how strong they are. Perhaps you could give it a shot."

"Me, against that, I don't know. They look pretty strong." In his mind the photographer is smiling to himself. 'C'mon sweetie try harder' he thinks, 'make it worth my fists'.

"I won't flex if it makes it easier for you."

'Gotcha, your pride will be your undoing, babe' his inner monologue continues.

"Alright, stand up and take off your belly ring. I wouldn't want to end up injuring my hand."

She nods in agreement and takes it off, stands up and puts the ring on the stool. While she takes off her high heels the figure of the photographer is revealed and our woman is about to see who is gonna punch her guts.

"So, how do you... want... me...?"

The photographer stands before her topless at 6' tall and a muscular physique with bulging arms which look like tanks, pectorals resembling two square metal plates, 6 pack abs and obliques best described as looking at a chiseled marble sculpture. She stares at him with her jaw wide open as if in awe.

"Up against the wall, Now!" His order snaps her back to reality and without hesitation has her in the right position.

"I... I... Don't know if-" She is stopped mid-sentence with his index finger against her lips.

"Sh! Oh, and don't forget the blindfold. I don't want you flexing that hard abs of yours. Remember you promised."

Now more resistant that before she tries to push him away, but he's like a brick wall not budging one millimeter. And without effort on his part puts a black headband over her eyes blinding her from seeing the punch and ties her hands behind her back with the shirt she took off earlier nice and tight. Despite her promise she flexes her stomach.

"Aw. No matter. You can't flex that lovely abs forever, and even if you did I could easily break through without breaking a sweat."

"Then why don't you?"

"You promised. And if you can't keep a promise what good are you?" The photographer steps back silently and wait, tilting the spotlight in her direction.

The tension builds and her fear grows as time goes by still flexing her stomach as long as possible. Soon she starts to sweat, her body glistening against the light and what feels like an eternity she finally lets up and relaxes her muscles. Our photographer stomps one foot against the floor smiling while doing it and the woman with no time for rest flexes again. He chuckles to himself knowing full well the longer she does it the weaker she gets both physically and mentally. She gasps and grunts and screams all the while sweating profusely soaking up her headband, bra and pants. She continues her flexing and short breaks only for him to make another loud movement in her direction heightening her anxiety and exhaustion. She thinks about running, but is too afraid. This bulking monster might be too quick and it's hard to see and move without knowing if she's gonna hit a wall, trip or get a lariat for her troubles. At long last she finally relaxes again and another loud sound is made, but this time she doesn't flex as she stands wobbling a bit panting from exhaustion and dehydration. Another stomp and another each one getting closer to her and still no flexing until he is a couple of feet away looking down at her defeated foe.

"Now, I think it's time for the grand finale."

He balls up his right fist, reels it back and with no holding back launches his fist aiming for her midsection. As he is about to hit her he stops an inch from her stomach and slowly presses his fist deep into her stomach. She cries out in pain and he laughs like a madman sinking his fist deeper.

"AHAHAHA! I barely touched it and you're already in pain. Who needs a swift punch when I can slowly press and claw it with one hand?" He releases his fist and begins belly clawing her stomach and really digging his fingers into her vulnerable gut and belly button. She wants to collapse, but is unable as his hands are the only thing holding her upright. "Oh, no you can't go down yet. I'm not done with you. I have to make you suffer for making me wait this long. I've been dying to torture this stomach for 20 minutes now."

'Twenty Minutes?! Oh, God it feels like hours have gone by. How long does he intend to punish me?' she thinks to herself.

"If you're wondering how long I'd say an eye for an eye, 20 for 20. It seems fair to me. And let's take this headband off; you won't need it anymore."

And so begins her belly torture for 20 arduous minutes including a variety of navel tortures with sticks, slaps, pressing, clawing, pinching and a final series to finish her reddened stomach for good.

"It's time to end this."


He steps back and before she can crash to the floor he goes in swift and hard with a flurry of punches and knees to her already beaten stomach. He stops and watches her collapse to the floor. The photographer with one ultimate act of dominance rolls her over on her back and puts his foot deep into her gut and poses over her all the while flexing his muscles. Afterwards he walks off into the darkness and comes out with two cameras; one for the pictures and the other for the video of which he captured all of the action.

"Yes! It's everything I ever dreamed it would be."

He walks over to her and kneels down with an ice pack placed on her stomach and a pillow placed under her head. She groans in agony, but is conscious enough to hear his voice.
"Honey, we did it! It probably needs a bit of editing, but everything recorded looks great."

She rolls her head in his direction and smiles. "Wonderful. I can't wait until next week when I get to do this to you, asshole."

"Yeah, you took it like a champ. And because a promise is a promise you get to use the baseball bat on my stomach for 40 minutes. It only seems fair.

"Yeah, fair is I'm gonna wreck your insides for this."

And so ends another tale of sadomasochistic love.

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Dana lay there on the beach surrounded by trash from all the junk she ate while sunbathing. She couldn't do it on an empty stomach she thought to herself, and anyways it's not like anyone was gonna eat it. Dana is a middle aged single woman, 5"3' tall, short fair hair, and a body weight of a pig, 170lbs. She has D cup breasts and a fat belly which overlaps when sitting upright.

She lays there on the beach all alone with her belly starting to rumble. Too much junk food isn't good, and she's starting to feel sick. She sees a couple of passersby jogging along the beach, the sea water brushing past their feet and she yells out to them in an obnoxious manner.

"Hey! You two! Get over here! Ugh, can't... get... up." Dana tries to get up on her own, but is unable to do so. Like a turtle on its shell unable to turn over and go.

The couple tries to ignore her and go on their way, but is stopped by glass bottle hurled in their direction missing their feet by a few inches.

"Hey, are you deaf or something?! Help me up Goddammit!" she shouts with contempt in her voice.

The couple looks at each other and quietly decides what to do. Eventually they come over and help the lady to her feet and escort her to nearby restroom/showers.

"No thanks for taking your sweet time!" she sneers at them and turns her back to them as she walks toward one of the stalls.

This is when they decide enough is enough. They walk up to her, grab her arms, and quickly slam her into one the shower stall. The walls, like her bloated body jiggle a little, but stand firm.

"What the F-" WHUMP! a couple of fists ram their way deep into Dana's gut as she groans in pain and the sound of her stomach growling tips them off.

"A tummy aches, eh? Well we know a great remedy for that, don't we honey?" The woman turns to her partner.

"Oh, yes. And it is very effective. This will discharge all the toxins within your belly cleansing you thoroughly."

And with that they dig their fists even deeper swirling it around just so she knows not one spot will be left untouched. They remove their fist and begin the treatment. The couple each take turns punching her gut and watching it jiggle and hearing her pleas to stop goes unnoticed. They decide to switch it up and the lady holds Dana up while the guy uppercuts her solar plexus and knees in her sagging lower belly. She might be a heavy woman, but these two are strong enough to hold her upright. More grunts and groans follow and the signs of her going to hurl are becoming more evident.

Finally the puking begins and the lady holds on to her letting Dana bend down as to aim for the floor and not her partner. A slew of undigested fast food spew all over the floor and the guy has the shower head ready to wash away the vomit and bile towards the drains.
"Now it's my turn to beat this fat cow's belly senseless! Your cleansing ain't done yet, Bitch!" The lady shouts at Dana with clear malice in her voice.

The guy picks her up and puts her in a full nelson headlock and signals to her girlfriend he's got her ready, her belly reddened and bruised from the beating he dished out. And so continues the belly beat down as the lady lays in punches, kicks, knees and elbow all over her belly. Vomit spurts and dribbles out of Dana's mouth as the pounding continues and her eyes roll to the back of her head. The bloated punching bag is out cold and the man releases her from his grip watching as she collapses to the ground belly first. She spasms and convulses on the ground with faint groaning sounds coming out of the pig's mouth. To make matters worse she craps in her panties leaving a brown stain. The couple as well as Dana is left sweating. It’s a good workout for them and a thorough cleansing for her.
Life's a Beach
Think about beaches: sun, sand, water, beautiful people in bathing suits... with a beached whale here and there. It's a phrase that can go both ways. In this case our whale isn't doing herself any favors.
I start this thread cos all the other truth or dare threads are closed. Let's see how long this lasts people!

Start off with either ask a truth or make a dare (Not Both) and wait for whoever replies.
For some odd reason the only way I can edit my stories is with Stash Writer. First I thought it was some glitch with Firefox not allowing me to use the normal edit button, but now it's the same with Chrome.

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The mannequin stands there day by day as pedestrians walk by eyeing the clothes, handbags and other accessories adorning her body. She stares at them wondering how they live their lives so carefree, yet hers can end in at any  moment. She is animatronics at its finest moving at will by the movements of those around her; she blinks yet has no pupils to see; the arms and legs move so freely; her body is soft and smooth to the touch.

Despite her advanced nature making her feel more human she is also feared by some of the staff here at this women's fashion expo, especially the floor manager whom believes the machine is following her wherever she goes with those "dead eyes" as she so eloquently puts it. Her name is Samantha and she started working her the same time the mannequin arrived. "It" sends shivers down her spine and makes damn sure the other staff know it. She is 5' tall, 120lbs, slim fit build with C cup breasts and a pair shaped ass. She is wearing a traditional business suit: black blazer, buttoned blouse revealing a bit of her cleavage, black trousers and 4" high heels. Her hair short black, green eyes and olive brown skin.

Samantha: Damn freaky if you ask me.

Fashion Model: Then don't look at it. Avoid it as much as possible.

Samantha: Easier for you to say. You're an airhead. A blonde barbie without a care in the world.

Fashion Model: Well, that is uncalled for. Forgive me for being friendly bitch.

Soon the expo is over and the models and guests leave. Only Samantha and mannequin are left behind.

Samantha: Time to turn you off freak.

She looks down at the remote ready to press the button when feels a heavy blow land on the back of her neck knocking her out. The mannequin stands over her with a smile on her face mimicking the emotion of excitement as she undresses the floor manager of her business suit by ripping it off as if it were tissue paper revealing her beautiful body.

Mannequin: Such beautiful skin, smooth to the touch.

She speaks with a soft and seductive voice. As she speaks her body grows from 6' to 10' tall in a matter of seconds. Mannequin picks up Samantha with her left hand with a firm grip around her back and waist.

Mannequin: Such a frail body. I could crush her in an instant if I wanted to. No, I shall play with her a little while longer.

With the index finger she slides it down from her sternum to her belly button, brings it up to her left breast and rubs her nipple in a clockwise circular motion before bringing it back down to her stomach.

Mannequin: I wonder how her insides feel? Is it as sensual as the rest of her body?

With that said she takes her index finger and slides it deep down Samantha's throat in and out. Her fleshy doll gags and gurgles, eyelids fluttering as the finger penetrates her esophagus with ease. Samantha tastes chrome and clay in her now semi-conscious state confused and aroused as to what is happening. She dreams it's her boyfriend orally penetrating her. She does enjoy a bit of oral sex.

Mannequin: Her insides feel so warm and gooey. It feels nice. I wonder if she feels the same. Her body temperature is rising suggesting possible pleasure. Mmmm...

She removes her index finger from Samantha's throat dripping with saliva and drags it down to her belly again. She hears a moan as she caresses her stomach with her wet finger.

Mannequin: Does it feel good when I press against your stomach? I wonder, if I balled my hand into a fist and press it deeper inside would you orgasm? Or would you prefer I stick my finger down your throat again? I must experiment further with Samantha. I need to know her limits for pain and pleasure.
Hi, I'm looking for artists interested in depicting what I'm writing. Please check out my stories and let me know what you think.


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