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Diaporama CSS v3

By kill0u-CSS
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:gallery: Live Version: [link]

    :icq: What's New ?
    • Compatible with Frontpage Journal
    • Transparent: match with all backgrounds
    • Free to use and customize
    • Use author's icon

    :icq: Package Includes :
    • PSD file for the background/thumbs
    • CSS / HTML code
    • "How To Customize" quick guide
    • [available soon] New skins + Friends CSS Module skins

    Bug Fixed 03/01/2007
    :below: Download Me :below:
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beautiful!does it also have gallery CSS?
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I really like this, and I've used it here: [link]

Thanks for a very fun tool!
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That's really amazing! :O
I :heart: it! :aww:
Maybe I'll use it. :3
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I am going to try this! looks amazing! :hug:
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i used it here: [link]

maalaki-cecile's avatar
yeahhh le printemmmmmmpppsss :D
finsly's avatar
great :D
mybe i'll use this!
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This is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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Superb idea! :love:
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Awesome CSS - I'm going to give this one a try :nod:
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It looks fantastic and will dl it and give it a try. Awesome work m8 :w00t:
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Wow, nice to see my work on a CSS cover.

Looks good!
KEEPitSIMPLE-Stupid's avatar
I love it... is it just for features, though? Or is there an area for an actual journal entry? Or do I have this entire idea totally wrong?
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I've updated the css code, it can now be added in every journal without problem =)
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thanks for the favourite and the comment =)

It's for features, but you can add whatever you want around in your journal. It's just a small part of a journal (I'll probably make the rest of the journal code in a few days, I've so much things to do =P)

I forgot to delete the "head" of the css code, so you may delete all the "journalbox" stuffs to use it in a journal with some other things

I'll change the css code in the zip tomorrow.
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kks, thanks ^^ it's a great idea, never seen anything like it on here.
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the biggest problem with this is that it doesn't work with Internet Explorer, which is used by so (too >.<;) many deviants..

I should be able to make it work with IE, but it would be so long to do that I'm discouraged x)
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I used to be the master of making things compatible with IE... then I discovered firefox...
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x) firefox is the best navigator to use with deviantart =P but when I make a website, there's no problem with compatibility, thanks to javascript ^^
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I've really got to learn how to use that one properly... I can edit codes well enough to get by, but I definitely can't make my own yet.
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