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Hello all together ^^

Today I'm going to load some old pictures here in DeviantArt.
I want to apply for a manga anthology, which is published by a publishing house here in Germany.
So please all wish me good luck that I'll make it in time, because it should be done until 16th May 10...
Not much time but I'll do my best!
Well, so for my application I have to present some of my pictures.
So I'm uploading older work.
I'm looking forward to your comments and critics!
Have a nice evening ^_______^

Yours Chrissy
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It's so long since I postet my last artwork here...
Please be patient, I hope that I soon get the time to draw and then I upload the new works!!

Hope to make an christmas project for an christmas card ^^

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Well, again I'm writing about my work...
I've changed the company because the other were really bad!!!

So...for 2 weeks now I'm in a new one, where I can work on MAC!
<3 I really love my Mac <3
But at the moment I've got very much to learn, so I'm reading a lots of books and trying my best to learn as much as I can!
And I'm trying to do good Photographs because that's now part of my new job!
So please keep an eye on my gallery. I will upload photographs every now and then ^^

Please give me your comments on my work so I can improve myself.
Thanks to all comment-writer in advantage! *smile*
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  • Eating: Muffins
  • Drinking: Water with Apple-flavor letter-box is starving.
I really like to get snail mail, but all of my penpals are very busy at the moment, so I get a letter once in 2 months (or something).
Pretty hard for my poor little letter-box *hehe*
So I thought of a new Journal entry ^^
Is anyone here interested in writing snail-mail with me? I'd really like to communicate with other people who also like drawing and stuff like this.
I would also like to exchange drawings maybe ^^
This is so much fun, so if you're really interested contact me here in dA (maybe with a little self-description so I know "who" you are *smile*)
I'm really looking forward to hear from you ^_____^
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Yay, new Journal Entry ^_____^
Well, finally I managed it to buy a laptop for my work and school.
That's because we need to work on Photoshop and the other Adobe Programs there and somehow I need to get some exercise with this.
But my old PC was a bit to lame for those programs, so I needed a new one.
And now...I totally fell in love with my new laptop.
It's a Samsung SE11 and I think it's very good. But it's with Windows Vista, so I first have to get started with this because my old PC runs on XP.
Btw, have you all watched "Twilight - the Movie"? I watched it, but somehow I'm a bit disappointed of it, because all the "feeling" of the book is lost.
Anyway, the actors and actresses are very good, so is the music. All in all I still like the movie, but it's better you don't compare it with the book. Or: First watch, then read ^^
Hmm...but I think I wrote too much now xD
I'm stopping here. Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend ^^
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Hey hey,

just thought of starting a journal here.
Let's see how often I get to write in here ^^

So, I want to write about my work, because I'll upload some of the exercises here on DeviantART.
I startet in September to work as a Media Designer. So I can make my hobby become my Job ^^
Now I get to draw everyday, 8 hours long *smile*
At the moment I'm still learning very much and making some exercises, but soon I'm going to draw for the production. *yay*

So I hope I can improve my art soon...
Please take a look at my gallery once in a while, more pictures comming soon...