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Shimeji-ee 1.0.6 Download And Instructions

This version is obsolete. Check out the latest version here!…


Welcome to Kilkakon's Shimeji-ee! You'll be able to find the most recent version here and on my site, I've made some customisations that primarily focus on making the program being a bit easier to use, and easier to set up when your computer turns on. :la: I'm happy to add more features and bugfixes as people request! :happybounce:

Download Shimeji-ee 1.0.6 :dummy:
Source code link :ninja:


Check out this video!

OR follow these written instructions:

To run Shimeji you'll need Java! Get it at, and make sure you have the 32-bit version.

Extract everything into a directory and then run the Shimeji-ee.jar file.

You can choose the Shimeji you want to use as well as configure settings for the Shimeji by right-clicking on the little icon in your taskbar systray.
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I'm having a problem with some Shimeji, the first Shimeji I summoned (I have 4 currently) the text shows up fine, Call another follow cursor restore windows reveal statistics blah bla blah, but the other 3 have those rectangles where text used to be, ▯▯▯▯▯ This kinda stuff. All the buttons work, just annoying. Fix?

i cant find java 32 bit in HELP

I have a samsung computer, am I still able to use the shimeji? Java doesn't have a samsung option.

java doesn't work on my computer is there any other way

it gives me an error


"could not create Shimeji.

Cannot invoke javax.script.Compilable.compile(String) because com.group_finity.mascor.script.Script.engine is null see log for more details"


can someone help me with this

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i'm having the same issue... seeing as nobody has brought up this issue previously, maybe it's a new bug

Pwease give me base

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To make a shimeji q-p

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The default one is a base, all you need to is edit the png files

Oh alrighty! Thank you!

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I'm having an issue. I have Java downloaded and all, but it can't open the program. I keep getting an error message saying "Could not parse launch file. Error at line 1"
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Are you still looking into this?
SayaxthexSneasel's avatar

Not at the moment. Since I've tried this, Java has decided not to work at all on my computer, so I've since called it quits.

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Alas :( Never mind I suppose.
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I can't find a 32-bit version of Java on their website...I really want to use my shimejis  but I keep getting that Japanese error box that says Java 6 and the rest is in Japanese
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You must be using a Japanese one. I'd suggest trying it again with my latest version as it supports Japanese shimeji now
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I replaced the JAR file in the Suicune Shimeji but the error is saying Java 6 and the rest of the text is in Japanese...
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It's probably easier to go the other way, move the images and the xml files from the Japanese one into mine.
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So just the images and xml files from the original into yours? Which folder do I put them in??
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You should have a folder inside the img folder with whatever the shimeji's name is, and the images go into that. Then inside that folder, create a new folder called "conf" and put the xml files inside that.

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uhm... How do you add more than one shimeji? If I try to put another one in the IMG folder, it replaces the older shimeji.
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I have an inquiry....I've seen a few users with shimejis do peculiar little things. One huuuge example is this:…

I have an idea of whats going on, but items to use on shimejis? (they also fight too) 
I know it might have to do with the coding, but not a single guide has elaborated on this. Is it possible to do something like this or is this another program???
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Those aren't shimejis, that is a program called Stream Avatars, which is used to interact with your viewers on whatever streaming platform you use.
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