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Shimeji 1.0.7 - 64 BIT SUPPORT AND MORE!

Finally, 64-bit support! No more needing to mess around with shortcuts to get shimeji working. Thanks to the work by TigerHix on Github; I incorporated some of their changes into my build.

To use this new version with an existing shimeji, the only file you will need to replace from this version is shimeji-ee.jar.

Download here!

Watch my shimeji tutorial:…
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Hi! I downloaded the Shimeji file, and Java (and even restarted by computer to make sure it worked), but the Shimeji file won't open. It doesn't even have the little Java symbol by it - it's just blank. What do I open/run the file with? Also, it says "JAR file" instead of "Executable Jar File"? Is that bad? :( I'm pretty frustrated, but that's not on you. Maybe my computer's just acting up.

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Can I have some help plz? I used a Java edition, it's saved as a Java file but when I try to open it I get:


Unable to install Java

There are errors in the following switches:

"C:\Users\ \Downloads\shimejiee\Shimejii-ee.jar"

Check that the commands are valid and try again.


So any help? The blanked out space is private info by the way.

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While this does work for me, it doesn't open a window for me to choose one out of, all it does is pick the very first and basic Shimeji (The one it's downloaded with.) when I double click it. Any help?

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Thank you so much. Maybe now I will finish the shimeji I started years ago back in Windows 7 days.

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The site don't work anymore ?

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Hi, I've made my own Shimeji and I have friends who want to use it. How do I turn it into a file for them to use? 
Like what do I have to include or remove in order for it to work? I have the images done and copied into another file, I just don't know what to include other than the images. Can you help?
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Personally I just zip up the whole folder and send it over that way. But you can always send just the images and xml files
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It's been forever since i had a shimejiee and let me tell you, this post was a life saver >w<! i'm so glad to be able to have my little buddies back on my desk top. Thank you

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Thank you very much for providing this! <3
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What's this JNI error and how is it fixed o-o
forget it. its not important. download and install new shimeji. and other shime u want to use. run shimji ee. now copy that shime images u want to run. now put all images in img folder my creating a new folder. dont forgett to copy png image coping near shimeji png image. thats it.
any problem contact:~
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Thank you so much! *-*/
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Thanks a ton. I needed this. :D
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How do you make an anamation without Winzip™?!?!?
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you fucking draw it
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no need to be rude.
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Thank you so much for making this! I couldn't get the (rather old) version running on a Windows 10 computer, but this works perfectly now. Will definitely be using for all future shimejis. And the English menu and additional options are great, too!

How did you get it to work? Im trying to run Shimej-ee too >o<

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thank youuu so muchh *> * 
i try i try i tryed and finnally a good person help 
Thank yooouuu
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meu deus você tá em todos os lugares :v
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que coincidência :b
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