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Shimeji - How to Download and Use

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I make YouTube videos and mods to make people happy. It's my dream to continue making positive media to make the world a better place.

Here at DeviantArt I promote Shimeji, a desktop mascot program. You can find a large variety of characters available at my group:

You can also find me on YouTube where I make a wide variety of gaming videos. Subscribe today!

If you enjoy my work feel free to check me out on Patreon! Join with me and together we can make this a better world. For us, fun gaming videos and mods. For those less fortunate than us, we can dig wells, heal sickness and fight famine.

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Blake's 7, Babylon 5, Keeping Up Appearances, Yugioh, Thunderstone
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YouthAlive, Planetshakers, Hans Zimmer, Vocaloids, Selaphonic
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The Bible
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Command and Conquer, Doom, Minecraft, Hearthstone, X-COM, lots of things really
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Ulead PhotoImpact 6
Other Interests
I like cute things, God and games. I want to make people happy!

What I Used To Be Able To Have Above The Fold

If you've managed to scroll down this far to actually get here, congratulations on not getting bored while having to scroll down below the fold to get to what this profile's about.

It's the kind of adventuring spirit that we need in these dark days of Eclipse. It's always darkest before it goes pitch black, as they say.

Anyway, I develop Shimeji, little desktop mascots that move about on your computer screen, being cute or creepy as you desire. Check them out!

I also do gaming videos on YouTube, in the classic Let's Play format.

If you like my work, consider supporting me on Patreon. Thanks for your consideration. I appreciate considerations :)

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i um,, sorry if this has been answered before I looked on google and i didn't get an answer (the threads made on other websites are all filled with replies with 'help help help' with no one helping). I followed a tutorial on here by cachomon to make it so all shimejis work and well it kind of did work (i kept on getting a warning to download java6 that would show even if I did have java6).. but my problem is that when I load the jar file for the shimeji it says ''Couldn't load configuration file'' and shows that there's a problem with the behaviour.xml or action.xml (the shimeji's I've downloaded have the names in Kanji). any help? sorry if it's obvious.

I'd say try again with my latest version and see if you can get the basic one working. If you can, then try migrating the files over to my version, as I've added Japanese support now.

Sorry for the delay in replies :(

Hey, I apologize, but I've been trying to use Cachomon's Evolvable Eevee, and I've followed their tutorial on how to get Shimejis to work to the letter, but I'm still having issues. I'm running the latest version of Java, WinRAR, and Windows 10, and whenever I run the shimeji-ee program, it opens a Java program of some sort in the background but doesn't do anything else. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Feenie,

Is everything extracted into a folder? If so where is it on your computer? Please be sure it's not on your desktop or in program files, as those can go wrong.

This tutorial might be of use:…
The files are in a folder, and the folder is on my desktop.

I followed the tutorial, and Eevee was working! Thank you for the tutorial!
BLESS YOU GUYS. I was going through my old deviations and found a Shimeji I made. Now I can redo it and make him even better :D