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Wings Tattoo Half Colored

my wings, with a little color....still needs more shading on the chrome part...its quite the work in progress piece

please no one steal this design!
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Jul 31, 2004, 5:10:51 PM
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deanabean6's avatar
I really love the colors so far and the positioning is perfect! also the stars :)
La-Pippo's avatar
Those look awesome, It's such a pretty design ^-^ So original. I'm sure they'll look amazing when they're completed. :heart:
Lellith's avatar
aw i love your wings! =D
CthulhuMeow's avatar
I generally don't go for the chrome look in tattoos, but this is really *really* beautiful. I love the detail of the stars and the dots along the inner curves. It's also a really unique idea to have the feathers sort of hanging the way they are. Yes, I'll have to say this could quite possibly be the prettiest and most interesting wings tattoo I've seen yet.
kili's avatar
thank you so much! It is definately one of my favorite designs. If you or anyone you know would like any designs done I love doing art for other people and I'm cheap :P Thanks again for the compliment!
Kaikyo's avatar
Ohh, nice wing tattoo. Did that hurt to have needles touch your skin?
kili's avatar
yes it hurt a whole lot to get the tattoo done...but my fear of needles isnt so bad now! :P im glad you like my wings :D
Kaikyo's avatar
Hee hee, anytime ^^ yeah, I once wanted to get a tattoo of an evil looking dolphin entwined with a rose, and it would've cost me a 150, but the stupid greedy college never said it would sell as many parking stickers as there were spaces, and so my car got towed twice for 75 each...*sob* That so so uncool...but yeah, that's my little tattoo story
thestenchofromance's avatar
i love them! i hope one day to get wings to call my own.
C-Wagner's avatar
very nice wings how much did it cost you to have them done?
kili's avatar far its cost 400, 200 each session, a bit exspensive but i go for quality work
GryphonClaw's avatar
i really hope that your just leaning to one side cos to me they look wonky(spelling?) but cant wait to see them finished
Ti-Cul's avatar
You are my angel *lick your back* :lick:
kili's avatar
awww:blush: your so sweet to me :glomp:
Ti-Cul's avatar
:blushes: you too my love ^^
Kilaria's avatar
It is beautiful. :) Did you design it yourself?

My back has three tattoo's...that cover from top to bottom. But I wouldn't dare post pictures of them on here because my tattoo's are 100% original and drawn by me, and there is no guarantees some idiot (who has no sense of individuality and uniqueness in their body art) will take that picture and get it tattooed on them. I just hope for your sake, nobody does that.
They truly are beautiful. Amazing!
drivehard2bsry's avatar
WOW... that;s amazing. damn. think you can design a tattoo for me??
kili's avatar
wow!!! 600 views!! i had no idea this would be so popular :blush: thanks everyone for the response:XD:
DarkIntentions's avatar
thats the wings
kili's avatar
thanks! I'm glad you like:D
DarkIntentions's avatar
no really kewl
NasuOni's avatar
^_^ Neat!!! I'm glad that you'll be updating it.
shadowolf13's avatar
very cool wings...I also want wings on my back.
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