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Beauty And The Beast

By kilderok
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:icondarkjimbo: and I had a little coincidence recently as I was thinking of paying homage to my most favorite fairytale and so was he. It was weird!

So anyhoo, beauty and the beast! :heart: I pay my respects to two things here really; the original tale itself AND the one that I DUG as a kid, the styles that were used in the anime version of Beauty and the Beast were AWESOME to me, and really? You have ot hand it to them---THEY know how to make something look disturbing. Really. I loved the Disney version too, HOWEVER one thing that got me was that the Beast WAS NOT ugly as sin it it. I couldn't help but say:"Aww. Lion. :3" followed by a petting of said lion, because really. Lions are beautiful and majestic--not hideous. Even with horns. Hell,with horns lions are just that much cooler. SO, since the anime came out BEFORE the Disney version ((Grimms Fairytale Classics, for those who are curious--they aired on Nick way back when and along with Ringing Bell they were my first exposure to anime )), I already had a fair and healthy taste of a TRULY gruesome-yet-awesome-as-hell beast; so the most scary thing about the Disney version to ME, was that blasted CANDLEGUYS raging french accent.

Ya'll ever catch that? The candle dude says "but you love her!" in the movie, HOWEVER with accent added, it sounds MORE like this:"But you louve HURL!"

There is nothing lovely about hurl.

So at eight, I had the thought 'wow, the beast has one awful awful fetish if he loves BARF'.

I made my sister LOL at that when I brought it up once while we were driving down Hill Rd. BUT YOU LOVE HURL!

Alrighty! So, about my art. I ACTUALLY decided to take my time with this one since it is one of my ABSOLUTELY most loved things of all, and I wanted everything to reflect the anime itself, but in MY style. I spent from 8PM until 2:16AM tonight on it, and I spent a total of three hours on it in three days prior to this finale. I decided to tinker with my many mediums and play with saturation properties, contrast and stuff WHICH LET ME TELL YOU---needs to be practiced when using traditional mediums. There is copic, sharpie, roseart, sakura, and prismacolor in this pic, there is white ink, paint pen, watercolor pencil, and colored pencil combined in this one. I am VERY proud and I do not think I could have done better.

Regardless, BECAUSE this anime was an emotional pinnacle that REALLY actually set the base for my morals today; I would happily render more images in its honor.

((hint: You can watch the anime short in three parts over on youtube. ;) FREAKING sweet man. I love how they captured raw emotion. Go over there, watch, and see if YOU can tell me what my favorite part in the whole story is. I'll give you another hint---I related to it, and it made me cry my eyes out because NOBODY should feel that bad about themselves. ))
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SprinkleTulip9813 General Artist
My favorite version of, "La Bella e La Bestia". Ringrazie
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Cloudywolf117Hobbyist General Artist
This and the disney version are my favorites. Also the original grimms tale which I show my respect.
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Looking back on when I used to see the show on Nick Jr., Japan had some weird notions about those classic fairy tales.
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As a kid, I always preferred that anime short over the Disney film. :nod: I thought Maria was the prettiest name in the world, plus I thought she herself was just gorgeous. (Not that Belle wasn't gorgeous--but as a kid I hated that Belle always had her fucking hair tied back. xD)

PLUS--I thoroughly agree with you on the ugliness of the beast. I never really pictured him as "hideous" in the Disney film. But in that Saban anime short I was like, JESUS GOD D8 lol
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Bi-PolarGrumpStudent General Artist
This is a sweet picture! It just gives me da feels! Now I must look up this anime of which you speak.
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Boy does this take me back years. I was only 4 when I first watched this adaptation of Beauty and the Beast and it has stuck in my memory ever since then. I really wish I still had the vhs of it, but i cant find it anywhere. oh well. at least i have youtube. and come to think of it, this one of my first anime that i watched too. funny how things come full circle.
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Just so you know, Lumire or whatever the Candle's name was, was played by the late Jerry Orbach or as to Law & Order fans, he was Det. Lennie Briscoe :D He was an awesome guy, i hear. Jill Hennesey loved the disney movie and was surprised to learn her co-star was Lumire.

Nice drawing. I'm not feeling to good about myself and your drawing kinda made me feel a lil better.
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I just rediscovered these episodes on YouTube yesterday, and I've been on a fairy tale splurge. Beauty and the Beast wasn't on the video tape of Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics episodes I watched as a kid, but I love it about as much as the Disney version now. The only thing that turns me off about the GFTC version is...the prince's tights. xD But other than that, I love that episode!
And I love the way you colored this and how you drew the characters. I recognized who these two were upon laying eyes on them. Excellent work!
(*snort* "But you love hurl" ...Ah man, how am I going to watch that part with a straight face now??? XDDD)
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
OH MY GOD I KNOW, THOSE TIGHTS. Horrifying. I'm glad you like this though, I tried to hide those horrid things as much as possible here.

Nyee heeeheee! I've warped you in a way in which you will never be able to listen to Lumiere the same way again. I have done my job.
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xSweetSlayerxProfessional General Artist
That's one of my favorite stories! Your style makes it look so good! XD However, I've never seen the anime ver. 0_0
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
Oh REALLY now? Well you simply MUST see the anime short of it then. :nod: It's beautiful.
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xSweetSlayerxProfessional General Artist
I did and it was absolutly great! :D I just hate the part in every Beauty and the Beast story when the beast turns into that crazy prince. >_>
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
OH i know IT, I liked him better as the beast. In my eyes he shouldn't HAVE to change. In fact I made a facebook group entitled "I'm sorry prince I'm getting a divorce, I liked you better as the beast". LMAO
xSweetSlayerx's avatar
xSweetSlayerxProfessional General Artist
I'll be joining.
SEE YA! :lol:
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AspiringCatLadyHobbyist Traditional Artist
So I totally just got done watching this episode of GFTC on youtube! lol, great minds...
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
Nice! :headbang:
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Nice rendition of the GFC versions of Beauty (Maria) and The Beast. XD
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
Why thank you! Have you seen the second piece I did of the GFC versions? :D
TherealRNO's avatar
No. I missed it. Care to post a link?
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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
:heart: :heart: :heart:
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...Oh my god. NOBODY Does art for the old Grimm Fairy Tale Show Nickelodeon used to air!! And this is nicely done to boot! Thank you!
TherealRNO's avatar
That's because Disney's cornered the market on fairy tale depictions (Oz, excepting).
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kilderokProfessional General Artist
Oh! Hey guess what? I did another pieceo f artwork to go along with this one dude. Check it out. :clap:
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