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What is happening to the woman on her knees?
She's having her soul pulled out of her body. The blue white ball is her soul and the blue vapor leading up to it and the glow coming out of her eyes and mouth is the final parts of her soul being torn from her body.

I think since she is in such a submissive position on her her knees she is willingly letting Hell's Princess rip her soul out of her body.
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What happens to her when he soul is gone?
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That feeling when you can double-favorite something so awesome.
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This looks like an introduction to an orgy :D Love the clothes and hair accessories.
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Beatiful and sexy art work, congratulations!
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Love the detail going on here with the superb anatomically pleasing pose :love:. If I may offer some advice... I think this would greatly benefit from some light reflecting touches... such as the glow from the blue energy ball reflecting off the parts of her that are facing it, to give her skin more reflective realism.
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This is super cool!
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This picture looks amazing! <3
I'm of a split mind here; I've never been fond of that outfit design, but I enjoy all the high fantasy tropes. 
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Her headpiece is so amazing! XD
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Oh wow!  That's awesome!  :wow:
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This version is great as a poster since she's in an atmospheric spotlight ( ^-^) but the other version pulls you into the image, so I agree that both are great for their own reasons.
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I just can't decide which version is better.  They both work wonderfully for their own reasons.  Well done!
Wow! Amazing! As always...
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I think the lighting in the firs great. Makes those eyes pop :)
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