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Requests: Never again

Yes I know tl:dr

How old are you?
• I was born Dec3 1985, do the calculation.

What is your favourite colour?
• Purple

How long have you been drawing?
•As long as I can remember, but if you want a landmark for when I started wanting it to be my career, I remember drawing on of my first few XM images in class, and periodically looking up at the teacher as he explained the Two Towers and how they sway in the wind, just to be notified near the end of class that they had just been hit by planes.

What mediums do you use?
•I firmly believe that a good artist can make art with any media, and don't need the expensive stuff to succeed. But I am sure you want to know the brands.
•I usually draw all of my images with pencil first.
•With traditional images I ink them with a mixture of Staedtler pigment liners, and coloured Staedtler pens. Then I lay down a layer of Copic markers as a base to which I add some pencil crayons. (I have several brands so the brand is not important here) After that I use more Copics to add more depth and use them to blend the coloured pencils. I top it all off with some white gelpen in choice places.
I am not against using paint and other random mediums along with my usual items, as long as it works out.
•With Digital I use photoshop CS2 and an intuos 6x8 wacom tablet. My favourite brush is the simple round hard brush.

Will you do a tutorial?
•Sadly I will likely never do a tutorial, mainly because I am not good at them. Plus there are several other people who have much more useful tutorials.

What are your inspirations?
• My inspirations change like the wind; something can inspire me one day, and bore me the next, just to inspire me again the next day. I mostly like music and the outdoors, but I get the most work done between 12-3am or while in class.
If you are talking about artists, I have gone through phases. I used to be enamored with anime, you likely can still see traces of it in my images. I also loved HTK, but never managed to stick with it for long. I do admit that Todd Lockwood was an inspiration to the way that I understand dragon anatomy. But actually my first real idols were beldolor and Saimain back from the days of elfwood.

What do you plan to do as a career?
• I have luckily made it to the point where I am starting in my career. I worked last summer in a Video game company, doing models and concept art with a bit of animation.

What is XM?
•XM stands for Xiro Myth, which is a comic I have been working on for a long time now, as you can tell from the answer above. I named it as such due to the fact that I love the idea of how religion and myths change over time, and I wanted to play with that concept. So using Xiro as the basis of my myths, I have been able to build a plausible world.

Do you have XM posted anywhere?
•I am sorry but I don’t, I have an old version of the beginning posted, but that is outdated and I have been working on a better version. Someday I will get a proper place to post it, but I fear that it will still be a while, since I am daft in the website design area.
The Actual Xiro Myth by kilara
Feel free to burn out your eyes from the old version

I thought avian was another word for bird. Don't you know that?
• I have known it for a good while, but back when I first made them, back in an answer above, I didn’t, and thought it was a good almost angelic sounding name. In the end it works out well since there are many details about my Avians and the word avian that makes sense that the humans from the XM world would call them as such.

I am not copyrighting the word/name, I never intended to, and I wish people could understand that fact.

What are Avians then?
•They are a draconic race that lived back before the times of Xiro. One of the two original sentient species of the planet before the rifts happened allowing humans and a few other species to that world. They are highly magical and mystical. They live symbiotically with the trees they live in.

This creates a floating forest city which I sometimes call the migrating forest. Eventually they are caught into a war with the humans. This war created Xiro, and he caused the Avian’s extinction.

Can I make an Avian?
• This is the question that gets everyone’s knickers in a knot, but no. There are multiple reasons why I would not want to see everyone making an Avian.

1: They are extinct! No matter how pimped out their powers are, or how special you want them to be, if you made a character, they are dead.
•It is like wanting to make your own Titanic; we all know how it’s going to end.

2: There is a huge issue with people trying to out-do each other’s designs, and this creates very gaudy designs. This also encourages people to make Mary-sues, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

3: I like to keep them special to me and my friends (I can’t believe how offended people get at this) I don’t have time to always draw for my friends when I want to, so them having something dear to me, is my way of saying that my friends are also dear to me.

4: I know the big reason people want one is because they are not allowed to have one, and thus they would not care about it as much as someone who actually became my friend under other pretences than the Avians.

5: It is not like I am being unreasonable, I have before given chances for people to earn one. (Note: huge epic drama contest that drove me up the wall) please remember that not everything is free, and please stop asking and demanding. Avians = friends only

I noticed the Amsk/Flytts/Undrais/Odroth, Are those restricted as well?
• No not at all, they are open to make characters with as you want. The only one that has any form of restriction on it is the Amsk, since I don’t want the pre-infected character to have been an Avian. Technically ALL of my species and races are open for people to make except for the Avians.
It would be nice if people would notice the subspecies instead of needing the ones that are restricted.
I have an entire group of species for people to make.
Conga Line by kilara Avial lingerings by kilara

What are Amsk?
• They are an undead disease like dragon similar to vampires and zombies. They originated in the Avians during the Xiro event, and have spread to anything they came across that had enough body mass to infect. They come from Xiro, and his distortion of reality, and spread from there.

Can I infect my character with Amsk?
• Sure, just keep in mind that this doesn’t change their base creature.

I want to make a feathered dragon species, but you have them copyrighted.
• This is more of a statement than a question. But I get it more than often enough to include it.
I don’t claim to be the only person who can make a feathered dragon species. My species have specific physical and cultural traits that make it different from other feathered dragons. There is a very obvious line between inspiration, coincidence, and copying. The later I don’t tolerate.

Someone copied you and I don’t know that to do!
• First of all don’t flame them. There are numerous reasons it could not be a copy.
Instead note me privately with a link to the image and clearly state to me why you think it is a copy. I will then review the image and decide for myself if I feel it is a copy or not. If I seem to ignore you or not do anything, it means that I felt that the image in question was not offensive. If I find people actively flaming someone innocent again I will personally tell the flamers off.

Someone came to my page and told me that I am copying you.
• Similar to the answer above, note me. Be polite. State who said what, show the comment or copy-paste the note. I will look over the image and decide likely in your favour. I will then choose to talk to the person who claimed you were copying due to the nature of their words. Remember that some people may not be saying you are copying, or just giving you a friendly warning.

You are so horrible. You don’t allow fanart?
• Here is where the lines become grey.
Fanart is allowed, this includes drawing the Avian characters that already exist, it also includes drawing fanart of the species in the whole. On the contrary Fan characters are not allowed. Often times one tries to pass off their fan-character as fanart.
Let me clear it up some, a fan-character, has a name, has been drawn more than once, or has a character sheet.

What Can I do to avoid the “wrath” of Kilara?
• Think before typing, and be polite. If you have a problem, note me.
If you leave comments on my main page saying rude things, it is not my responsibility to curb my “fans” from telling you off. So the best thing is to approach me in privately with a mild form of respect. Thusly you won’t have me angry at you. Surprisingly I am a human and I do have feelings. I also do have other shit going on in my life even if I don’t emo about it in my journal 24/7.

Have a question that I didn’t answer here?
•Please read the comments to this journal, and if there is still no answer, ask in a comment so that other people can see your answer ^^

© 2010 - 2020 kilara
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Well, I admit I've always wanted to make an Ilumari because I have a severe love for the Xiro Myth, but I can understand not wishing for people to make such a character just as a status symbol! However, I'm quite happy to know I can draw fanart of those already rendered because I've always wanted to doodle up an Ilumari and to know that I can draw them as fanart is exciting! Mizgarth's always been a favorite of mine, ever since I found your work so I may just have to try my hand at making her as beautiful as you do..
ZombieHun's avatar
thanks for the avian FAQ, now i know for certain they're off limits

and i am not in love with your subspecies :( so you don't need to reply with that as a suggestion ^_^'
AGloriousComeback's avatar
Hello, Kilara~
no idea why i havent watched your DA yet, as ive been a fan of your art for around 3-4 years. :noes:

i would like to ask permission to make an Amsk, if its okay with you?
i have always wanted one~

and ive been too much of a chicken to actually ask you LMAO.

thank you for your time~ c:
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can i make my own unisect?
molez's avatar
I saw a link to [link] and through searching for kilara I found your art. Some truly fantastic stuff on your pages here. Is the linked sketch one you did and if so, is there any chance that will ever be coloured?
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So on your species page, if it says OPEN it means anyone can design something with that species freely??? for example ciders??? Or does it mean open for commissions??
blackspirit56's avatar
so...i wanted to create a einhorn..is that ok?
ge-oh's avatar
Are you still allowing people to create the available characters? I know this is a pretty old FAQ, but I thought I might as well ask:)
SashaWren's avatar
I can't seem to find your commission prices anywhere. I know they are closed for the moment, but I'd like to know them so I can save up for when they do open. :)
FlamSlade's avatar
If someone just draw a random Avian that's not a character or anything, will you consider it as a simple fanart or you're going to be mad? XD
Because, really, you've created a nice creature design. It seems natural to me that someone may want to draw it, because it's beautiful, cool, awesome or whatever they think it is.
Oh, and my question was serious. And yes, i did read the entire FAQ.
Kir-de-Labeo's avatar
wow! i`d like to ask you of a collab)))
can you make a lines of my Arandus?
dustysundays's avatar
Thanks for this. Now I know the no-no's when it come to you and your (amazing) art :3 I'm actually really glad i read this because I actually was painting this past week and decided i wanted to do something colorful.
I ended up with an Avian :] (it's just a random, so it's not a character or anything ^^) As soon as it dries (oil paints -siigh- they take forever) i was planning on submitting it to DA and i just wanted to make sure it was fine with you <:)

(gah! so long! sorry~)
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Hi, I'm interested in making a pair of Ra'kkek twins! But...um, if I do end up making them, do I need to send what I did to you for approval? (I couldn't find this anywhere on your FAQ...o-or did I just miss it? I didn't, did I? Because I double-checked and everything...) Also...names: is there anything I should avoid calling them? Can I use apostrophes in their names since there's one in the species name? A-And, I can't draw (like, at all) so would it be all right if I wrote a short piece instead? Can I post it at my own webpage afterward? (I will credit, of course!) And, and you said they were nomadic, but they wouldn't really travel anywhere really far inland, would they?

Oh, and before I forget:

Taken-by-dragons's avatar
quick question, if someone whats to make one of your open species, would you want to be asked if they can do so first? and with the ones that are limited [I think i read that on the character thing.. the one you did of the XM creatures.] where would I be able to finish find what the limitations and rules are for each?

I apologize if this has been asked before, and I hope i am not taking up to much of your time.

Thank you in advanced.

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Thank you for the FAQ. It really clear up some things for me.
candydraga's avatar
im loving your CSS more and more! all that information is amazing. hopefully people shall read this~
Acayth's avatar
.....Nice and well collected FAQ!

Hm.....it would be really cool to have a collaboration with you.....if you´re interested anyway^^'
Enaxn's avatar
I've read these 3 times now just for funsies. It probably won't make the dumb and baw-y people go away, but dammit is SHOULD <333
kilara's avatar
3 times???
gads woman I love you!

now if only I could get those children to read it XD
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Good FAQs.
You worked in video games?
kilara's avatar
last summer yes, this summer I hope to as well, just a few hiccups in my way.
fishingsock's avatar
:c it's almost sad that some of these answers are still not understood.
HaanPere's avatar
Nicely put :3

And damn, am I proud that despite being hyperactive as hell today, I read the whole thing! 8D *prooooudness ooverdoose*

And psh, I don't understand the people who flip out if they don't get their own superly pimped and already ugly looking, neon pink/green sparkle avians to float with :/ Even if I took part in the epic dramacontest of d00m too, I'm still happy with my own, lousy anti-draguns BD *I made the ancestors of Shiyus completely feathered, fffffff and that's fun for weeks for me 8D*

Alsoooo *summerhug* because I feel great today and wanna pass it on to others too~
kilara's avatar
I am not saying the contest was bad, just some people couldn't help but bawww about the smallest of things... like your not responding to my notes fast enough, your contest is moot, i hate avians, etc etc etc.

*summerhugs back*
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