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Ty Mencen

By kilara
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I admit that I have been pretty invisible here, but I have still been drawing images.
Most of them are very Xiro Myth related. (The actual comic, not Ilumaran)

This has been done for a while, posted elsewhere, but Blazegryph is going to kill me if I don't post this here.

A combo reference of Ty in both her demon and human formes. That was going to be an attempt at an interactive flash reference until I realized that I wasn't interested in flash.

Note: CIPA is the disorder where one doesn't feel heat, cold, or pain. Very interesting reads if you want to look it up.

I would greatly appreciate her not to be used in Roleplays, or to represent other characters.
I imagine there is a more creative way to get your RP on without using poor Ty here.

Her Older References

Obviously these are outdated, but it is interesting to show the progression in her design.
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wow, her demon form looks a lot as my OC true form (different colors, a more feline body, a lot of spiky fur, but also a electricity being, but overall form an height are close)
also as she i a "boyish girl that some times actually passes as a male" my OC is a Girlish boy that some times actually passes as a female" =p
but besides that (and the cat "wtf form" XD) they are totally different~
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How the hell do you come up with design ideas like this? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me some tips on how to create ideas for characters. I'm attempting to write a book, but I want to gather a little more information and more ideas for things like this before I start it. I have yet to see anything as good as this so I thought I'd ask you for a hand, since you clearly know what you're doing. Please don't ignore this. I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks. ^-^
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Yay! i Have finally found you! Quite a few years ago (before i joined D.A) I had found this "Butterfly Graveyard" and loved the character design, your work inspired me for so much work! Dam that was a long ago now...dam i feel old >.<

i must your artwork and Ty's design has both come a long way! 

still love the red + purple 

Anyway enough of my fan girl ranting... awesome Character Sheet
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says: danng.... Loving this. Great work DudE...
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This is probably the most frikkin awesome character I have ever seen and the best ref sheet ever omfg.
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This character seems really amazing and I love the botched demon form lol
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Wow. What a detailed and comprehensive character reference sheet! Amazing. I am in awe.
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One word...Me-ow! *being sneaking* Prrr :3

:giggle: Cuuute :D
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I love how you just made a ref for 2011 Ty and everbody thinks its a new design! xD
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Very nice. Her shoulder fluff has always made me smile. ^^
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need to learn to do these.............................i love it though........very very detailed and epic................................................but you already knew that didn`t you?
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Pity all I can say is very nice. Great.
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Absolutely love the new ref sheet, Kilara. :D
I've noticed and followed your art work for a long time but for some reason kept forgetting to put you on my DA watch :I Well, that's fixed now ^_^ Hope you don't mind.
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How closely does her personality parallel your own?
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oh wow. super cool ref. I love the layout of it. Pretty dang organized and detailed. and pretty to look at.

also: Those sunglasses. They be full of BAMF-atud
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Why were her breasts removed?
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so much badassery...on one page...god i love awesome. i really like her redesign, especially demon form's.
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Oh ref sheet reading time. Processing... Most question I had been answered, and those answers rises even more question. Deep story behind all this.
Like he's..her bell, suit the character, probably cuz theres lot hints of the butterfly symbol. By the way the (wtf from) could use that collar with the bell to, would look really cute.
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I was just thinking about you the other day! Was wondering when we'd get to see some new art, I really miss it!

LOVE this sheet, it's so exciting! <3
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Holy crap that's awesome. :D
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