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One of the less humanoid intelligent species in XM
Most countries see the Suien as an monster, seeing humans and such as potential food sources, mixed with having magical abilities, something that can attract the amsk, which is greatly feared by people who don't have the suien's ability to fly. This has also lead to the suien having a large disdain towards the 4 core races.
They are still not finalized, as none of my races/species are, not even the Ilumari are actually finalized (I like to make adjustments to things to balance or fix issues)
I drew this a while ago, and have had it posted on my tumblr for a while now, but forgot about it, and felt I should post it here as well!…
and as a bonus, a small sequential of a baby Suien…

Please make sure to follow me on Tumblr to get further art updates!
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The colors and lighting are fantastic! Great use of multiple light sources and the lantern really looks like it is glowing against the dark green background. From everything I have seen of your work, color and light play a predominant role and aid in establishing the mood of the piece as well as imbue it with an otherworldly quality. Even though the figure is in a resting pose, the tension of movement is there, as if it could fly off from it's perch at any moment. Simply beautiful.
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This is a gorgeous design!!!
Indeed-your gallery is VERY impressive-RESPECT!!!!!!!!
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I'm fond of the markings and feathers on her head, as well as the ones covering her chest. Always lovely to see winged characters wearing clothing designed to work with their limbs too C:
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wow actually the most beautyful "harpy"-like designe i have found sofar!
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The species is beautiful!
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I really enjoy the wing arms and the lovely costume she wears. No doubt up to no good at all with that angelic face.
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MY LOVE MY DOVE MY PET I MISS YOU SO MUCH.  God your art is always so perfect I hate it and I love it I LOVE THE PINK AND GREENS SO MUCH.  The cel shading is so nice too oh my gosh.  All those FEATHERS. I really like these feathery children too omg.
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she is very beautiful
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This is beautiful. I love her colors, the subtle hint of texture in scales and feathers. And those eyes...! ☺
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They look so mischievous. XD 
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I really like how the feathers cover her chest and the little details on her talons.
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I love Harpy creatures! <3
And this picture is wonderful! :)
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Very interesting charadesign.
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Nice to see you didnt get rusty in your long absence x3 Your work is just fabulous!
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you're work is as beautiful and detailed as ever. glad to see you're still at it. :)
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The colors on this piece are so pretty. I love her little eyebrow feathers~
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Such lovely colours and design work!
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Love her then fingers and toes. She's very lovely.
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