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Solitary Concience
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Published: February 19, 2010
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When his hand touched the glass he saw a flash of a memory, of something he had not experienced, somewhere he had never been.
The place was bright, the sun breaking from the wisps of clouds giving the feeling of someplace divine. The trees around him had trunks made of crystal and large fruit hanging from their branches. The ground carried a pattern marked out in the roots from the tree. In the sky loomed a crystal palace which shimmered in the sunlight.
A storm darkened the horizon foreboding about bad times to come.
And in front of him stood an elegant woman, regal in posture. She carried a feather which started to fray as the wind picked up. There was a definite feeling of sorrow from her as she turned to walk down the patterned path. He saw the path leaded straight into the storm so he tried to stop her.
As he reached forward he contacted glass, which snapped him out of the memory. He caressed the glass with the lingering emotions from that all too real dream.
This triggered the mechanisms of the Contraption, he watched in awe as the glass evaporated and the mechanisms moved apart, revealing a casualty of the crash.
He sighed in relief that it was not the same girl from the dream.

Man this one has been long in the making.~
I think I started it back at Christmas time, and only recently got bitten by a bug of motivation to finish it. Which is great because my motivation has been nich-nil lately.

Yes this lady is Mizgarth in her human appearance, long ago before the start of XM.

This image has a lot of symbolism in it, and I am curious if anyone can see any of it ^^

Also I am curious as to who you think the 'viewer' is.

I fixed a few things that were bothering me, the symbols I forgot on her feathers, some shimmer on her dress, and some tiny nitpicky things.
And I think it warrents a 'notify watchers' since I am including the symbolism now. ^^
Ok so I posted some closeups of it here:

The symbolism:
•Mizgarth's dress is slightly reminiscent of a wedding dress, which reflects Exiel's decaying feather since she had to marry Ophiuchus when the news of Exiel's death reached them.
•The rootwork pathway is also somewhat reminiscent of a wedding isle. A set path, which also reflects the fact that Mizgarth didn't have too much of a choice on this.
•The storm in the distance is 'pathetic falacy' which the storm represents the clashing emotions that are to come when Exiel returns and finds his lover married to his dad, and the whole Xiro event.
•This is in contrast to the sunlight which represent things had been going fine so far until Exiel's death, in which the sunlight is flickering into beams behind the approaching clouds.
•The design of her dress is also a slight implication of things to come, mostly the shaffon part. The clear fabric looks somewhat like the mists she would be later enveloping herself in. It also looks like the membrane from her amsk form:

The viewer:
•In the story blerb, The viewer is definitely Hiro. Due to the fact that he has one of the 5 pieces of Xiro's mask, which happens to be the piece of spirit (this actually wasn't planed on my part) He sometimes gets fragments of memories and/or emotions from Exiel.
•The image is technically not a direct memory, but more of an imagined memory from the extreme emotion Exiel has experienced.
•It is also not the fact that Hiro came in contact with Kilara which caused this, (She may be somewhat marysue-ish, but not that much XD) but actually the fact that he came in contact with the construct which caused Exiel's emotions to stir.

Her True form:
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I love the symbolism in this, such a unique and well thought of concept
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-Stares and jawdrops- :heart:
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Kel-art|Student Digital Artist
Amazing work...
Great colours and details...
The feather on her hand is amazing...
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CaribbeanRose9's avatar
This is very elegantly done! :love: Is this from a video game or show? The detail in the dress and background is amazing, and I definitely want to learn more about her. Great job! :clap:
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Gorgeous. The scenery is very dreamy, tranquil, mysterious...
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I was wondering how Miz felt about Ophy personally and vice verca before and after Exiel's supposed death. Did they not like each other or were they cordial with each other? How does Ophy see her exactly?
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Ediarts|Student Digital Artist
i love it! nice work =)
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Kairi-Chai|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O.O So... Pretty... I'm watching you now.
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simply beautiful.
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this is pretty
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GameKatana7|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Guess what?!
I love this lots!!!
Oh, yes, very pretty picture...
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Whoa, this is...beautiful. :o
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Tokala|Professional Traditional Artist
How beautiful!
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Wow, that's super pretty!
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wow this is just WOW! and I mean I don't know what this drawing is for but i really like it. the colors and everything are just amazing. I love it.
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Pure awesomeness o:
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kaylathehedgehog|Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely beautiful. The crystals are gorgeous.
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Her dress and the path is awesome! I really love the details. Nice job!
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jiko29|Professional General Artist
amazing art!
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An awsome brillant concept.
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MadMeeper|Professional Filmographer
Ah! Congrats on the DD! Cx
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