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Shadow and Wind

By kilara
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I figure I'll post this here as well.
These are my two mains in gw2, based after my characters Ty and Miz. 
I wanted to try to do a painterly effect similar to the offical art, where the characters kind of melt into brush strokes.

I am looking for more people to play with, already found a couple lovely people to play with after posting to tumblr, but still not enough to play a game of hide and seek.… I have the screens of what the toons look like in game here. <---
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There's a whole bunch of us that normally get together in GW2 for dungeons and fractals etc  if you are still looking for more people to play with :)
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Woah, gorgeous coloring.
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wow --- they look amazing :)
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ahhh they look so amazing 'v' and I'm happy to see some gw2 art from cool artist like you!
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Ahh i dont play! But this looks rad, love the contrast in colours. And how you make the white look iridescent.  So cool! :heart:
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I play usually in the mornings or just before work in the late afternoon. What are you Charr and Sylvari?
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I have a toon of every race, my Charr and Sylvari are just the first to reach lvl 80. The sylvari because she was my first, and the charr because thief is really fun to play.
I usually do Teq at reset, because I don't have time to play before work.
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I love Theives. I have a Charr Ranger, she was my first ever created character and my first 80, then a Necro Slyvari, and then a Asuran Mesmer. Working on an Asuran Engi now. I have every race and every profession. If you want to ever, if I am on you can always message me.

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Did you ever play GW 1? i used to play with with my brother. I started GW2 but haven't had the time to get into it.
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I did, but not much.
I wasn't hugely into computer gaming back then, and my comp then had 1 of the 2 graphics cards types that just weren't compatible.
I wouldn't mind going back and plaything through it, getting the GWAMM title from it, but it's a lot of grind, and time is not on my side.
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i know what you mean. that time/grind is the main reason i'm leery about MMO's. Or starting over with new characters. it's a huge time/energy investment. And one i don't always have.
:-) thanks for the response Ty. It's good to hear from you again. And it's good to see you're still drawing and doing new works.
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I love the personality in your toons. I didn't realize so many people here played!
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*might just be vegging on GW2 right now* >.>

I'm Tiyger.7415
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I didn't see this message earlier because I was also in the game, trying to get the silverwastes legendary boss titles. XD
But I'll totally add you tomorrow night when I get on.
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hehe :)
I'm usually online around reset time (sometimes an hour or two before, sometimes an hour or so later, depending on work schedule)
Hide and seek would be awesome in that game! :D
Do you roleplay much?
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I love the contrast of dark and light. Miz looks so cute. :)
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hey! i play gw2, but not as much recently. will definitely be playing a lot when the new expansion hits though! :) my ign is Colour/Aeon.7398
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Ive been playing a lot lately, trying to catch up from a long break I took from it due to computer problems.
I want to try to get a few things before the expansion hits, incase they are removed or drastically changed.
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what things are you working on? you've got some time before the expansion i'd think, since there's no release date announced yet. i'm kind of looking forward to how the new legendaries will look!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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