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If you still Believe

By kilara
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I had this posted on my tumblr for a while, but felt it was beautiful enough to show here.
Plus it's always a good idea to post the occasional reminder that most of my work (how ever little) is being posted over there right now.

I had been doing a few series of drawing my XM characters as characters or classes from various games.
This one is Hiro and Kilara as the Dark and White silver dragoon respectfully.
I would have done my whole cast (since the numbers match up nicely) but dragoon armor is very time consuming to draw.
I have more info posted on the post on tumblr;…

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Love your art style! (It kinda resembles the style used in the WildStar MMO, to my eyes anyway lol). You have a very recognizable and unique style to your characters, and your colouring is excellent! :)

I also recognized the armor right away, even though I haven't played Legend of Dragoon since it was basically new. haha Was an awesome game, not sure why I never finished it. Maybe I should go back and give it another run through! 
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I still listen to the OST. That game was so incredibly well-done. I played with Levitz/Albert, Kongol and Dart. However personally I loved all of the characters- except Miranda/Shana. I liked Meru, Rose, and Albert the most- but Lloyd was hands-down my top favorite. It's so awesome seeing such great fanart of it ;-; <3
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I saw the title and got my hopes up

Hopes were not raised in vain <3

This is still one of my favorite games ever even if doing fanart for it is a pain in the arse.
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This game was so awesome. One of my all time faves. Great crossover!
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...i honestly miss this game, wish they would make a graphic update to it.
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Omfg the game of my life! this is godly! 
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I enjoy the amount of color and detail of their armors. Great job.
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Haha wow, I was just thinking about you the other day. Then this pops up! I love the colors and the armor, and there always needs to be more TLoD love! <3
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holy shit I forgot this game existed. These are awesome!
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Great job! I reckognised the design of armor but not the characters : (
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The characters are my own.
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Oh, love the contrast of colors in here and the lineart!
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HELLZ YEAH!  I immediately had to go add this to my favorites, because I adore The Legend of Dragoon and don't feel like it gets enough love.  It was such an amazing game, even if the translation was kinda bad.  You are so amazingly talented, and I'm always happy to see you add new stuff. :la:
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WOW Legend of Dragoon! I recognized it immediately from the thumb - listening to If You Still Believe right now xD Thanks for giving me this nostalgia moment. Who would the rest of the cast be?
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I was listening to an awesome metal cover of a lot of the songs while drawing this.…

The other characters would be:

Marcus: Jade Dragoon – Marcus is a knight, someone who is dedicated to protecting others, where the Jade dragoon has the defensive spell. Could be swapped with Ceejeh

Ceejeh: Violet Dragoon – I’ve always seen this as the fast Dragoon, aka lightning fast, and Ceejeh is the quickest character in XM. Could be swappped with Marcus.

Chowli: Divine Dragoon – Chowli has the ability to see through time, none of the other spirits seemed appropriate for such a powerful ability.

Naya: Blue-Sea Dragoon – The Blue spirit not only often chooses non humans, but since Naya carries around her water staff, I felt it would fit best.

Tank: Golden Dragoon – Big strong guy? Check!

Kestryl: Red-Eyed Dragoon – She is a very forward aggressive person who can use fire magic, so yeah, she fits the Red just right!

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Oh man I was on par with some of these. If you have time, I'd love to see more c:
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Man, I love this! It reminds me of EDM!
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Legend of Dragoon, one of my fav games of all times~

Gawd i wish that would get remastered. D:
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Hear hear! Legend of the Dragoon is probably my all time favourite j-style RPG. *u* So awesome to see people make art based on it.
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I definitely agree, it's one of the few Jrpgs I have played through several times. It was a very strong game, and I'm very sad that Sony decided to cancel the sequel/prequel. T_T
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I love every bit of this, both from your characters being awesome, and that Legend of the Dragoon was and still is one of my favorite Playstation Classic jrpgs to ever play <3 My favorite Dragoon was the Green/Emerald Dragoon that is a King of one of the cities in the game >w<
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I don't think I had a major fav dragoon, each one was interesting and useful in their own way.
The only one I didn't use much was Kongol, just because he was very slow and it was too hard to really get him up.
(Oh and the white silver dragoons, since their additions were non existent)
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