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Ice Sculture Frostbyte

By kilara
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Frostbyte, a character who’s design has been around for near 15y+

She started out as a character who was inspired by a mixture of KOS-MOS (weapon spawning, cool robot) and a Dragoon.
I didn’t do much with her in that state, she just ended up being one of those drawn twice and forgotten. But I didn’t want to forget her, so I reworked her design into something that would fit into the Xiro Myth setting.
She became a half Ilumaran, found by professor Kennith. Rebuilt by him, and her DNA used to help make the ORIX and his attempt to revive the Ilumari.

Every time I rework her, it seems she looses more and more of her flesh, and gets crazier wings.

Her new design I went with dark for her armor, since I felt the light was too much of light colours leaving her feel washed out. I also wanted to do a bit of homage to the origins of her design. I went with a blade aesthetic from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, since KOS-MOS is in that game, and it’s sort-of a sequel to her games.

Please Check out (pretty neglected, but still has a bunch of my art on it) -->

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Lovely design! :clap:

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I always find gemstones/ice so difficult to draw for some reason, you've done a great job here of making her feel icy and cold.
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Wow interesting design and well done piece :)
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That’s pretty cool.
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I LOVE the details on her dress, and all the strands of lovely hair.Wonderful work, Ty!!!
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great character design, the crystal arms are very neat +o+
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Thank you!
Although I was going for ice that cracks and shifts when she moves. XD
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TO BE FAIR ice is a sort of crystal I'm pretty sure
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Welcome back! it's good to see you again. I was actually going through old photos today and found one of you from the trip to canada.
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That was super long ago. I still remember then, although vaguely.
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it was a different time. I'm happy to have had it just as i'm happy to be where i am now. I am actually commissioning an artist to make a piece about it. anywho, it's good to see a familiar face on here. i still log in every day but i dont post much anymore and i dont really know anyone. a familiar face is good to see. thanks for sharing new works.
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I wish there was a full-body version of her. :)
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There's not a fullbody version of her in her revamp. But I did fullbody images of her older versions, I don't think I'd change too much about her legs.… <-- you can find the old ones there
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aw man its wonderful to see her getting the revamp she deserves 
I got an oc in desperate need of a redraw too so seeing this one has been very inspiring :D
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Dooo it!
It's very cathartic to revamp an old character.
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OOMG SOMETHING FROM YOU AGAIN!! i miss you here -,- you were one of my very first inspirations
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I'll try to post the occasional thing here.
For a while Tumblr was much more active, but then it got a bad rep, and I just kind of stopped posting anywhere.
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Oh, I didn't know, I never used tumblr :) but hope you will be submitting more here as I'm your eternal fan! 
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