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Fluttering by the Song

By kilara
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A wild Suien appeared
An update on the design from…

I know the older image is much prettier, I just wasn't feeling the feathered wings, so I went more insect like, which ended up making them fit much more into the species XM has. (some I have not posted here before)
So I'm gonna go with more than just the dragonfly type wings to be available on them, like moth, butterfly, bee... just to give some variety.
Also the way Im working the wings is that when not in use they are like durable fluid filled sacs, that stretch and flatten out when needed.… This link includes images of the creatures they fit in with.
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Fun design! It looks really neat, well done! Love the lighting in this too.
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Happy to see your art in my inbox again!! Really love the colours in this one, beautiful work! :)
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Really wonderful! I love the shadows of the ones in the background too
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here i thought you were .dead glad t see your back to arting
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Lovely design! I love the prismatic effect through the wings! Mesmerizing, and I can only imagine it would be more-so in real life. o_o
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Holy shit!!! New Kilara art!!!! And it's amazing!!!
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I love the colors!
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Ooh loving the update, especially all the purple :D
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Incredible creatures, I like the insect wings idea!
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So beautiful and detailed.
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Reminds me of the parrot monkey thing from Pirates of Dark Waters lol

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I had to hunt that down to see what you were talking about.
And I don't see the resemblance. lol
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