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Dha Taleanis

By kilara
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Oh man DA has changed a lot since I have last posted here. I want to try to give this site more of a chance since I became inactive.
TBH I kinda fell out of love with this site a couple years ago, but it has been a long while, so I don't fully remember why, and I hope I'm not reminded why.
Alas I'm going to post some of my images over from my tumblr, just incase anyone wishes to follow me there as well, as I'm enjoying how quiet it is there.

This is Dha Taleanis, the head/leader/deity of the Taleans, whom some people might remember used to just be called Mizgarth. I changed her name since the way the story was working out, and other details making the name of Miz too telling, and added onto the fact that she isn't really the same person.
More info here:…
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Ah, I still remember her. And I still love this character.
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I've discovered Tumblr is cooler than DA these days too. I love your art!!
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Wow so the story is totally changing! Isn't it crazy how that hapens? I keep getting new ideas for some of my own pojects and it seems to take FOREVER for some things to fall into place and actually work. T.T

It's great to see new artwork though. I hope everything has been going well for you. Sometimes one needs to just step back for a while though. :)

If it's alright I'll see you on Tumblr!!
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SOMETHING FROM TY AHHHH OMG.  I'm so super excited about this you have no idea.  AND IT'S OF YOUR PRETTY TALEON LADY TOO OMG.  I absolutely love the painty background and how it contrasts how cleanly colored and shaded Taleanis is!! I really like that yellow shiny on her eye too.  My god.  Yassss I'm so pumped to see your art in my inbox again.  Amazing job!!!! :heart:
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*follows on Tumblr*
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So glod to see you again. *fave the blog to follow you \o/*
Mizgarth ? Wow, it changes a lot ! 
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Your backgrounds always look so appealing and mystical, and I've always admired all the little details of your art.

It's good to see you back! You've been such a huge inspiration for me!
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Missed having you around! Lovely as always
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So does Miz not end up becoming Dha anymore or is that still a thing? (you dont have to answer me here if it's a spoiler alert but I want to knoooow)
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And if it makes you feel better, i don't post much here anymore either. it used to be my web browser home page. as people stop posting, or commenting, i slowly stopped posting too. if it were for the fact it's the oldest gallery i have, and some images i no longer have copies of anywhere by here, i'd just close it. Still, I linger on! :)
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I hope you're not reminded why either. It's good seeing your work again. And it's good to see you're still doing work. You're the only DA member i ever went to Canada to meet. I really like this piece. you've always been good at your coloring and shading.
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Beautiful work! :)
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Oh my gosh kilara is back, rejoice! :D I didn't know about your tumblr either, will follow! :)
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You were the last one I expected to see art from, what a wonderful surprise <3 welcome back Kilara!
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Long time no speak, your designs are still fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more stuff.
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That's so beautiful!
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Gorgeous image Ty ;v;! i love the colours so much, and im always so surprised to see you post here <3 gives me fond memories of collecting your art in my inbox XD
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I was suprised to see you here again, but it was a nice suprise xD
I still love your work, and I love that one too!
Welcome back <3
I hope you won't be reminded why you left too xD
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