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Conga Line

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You can also see this on my main page, but I thought it might be best to show the full view version, as well as give info on the Open species.

Got questions? <div align="center">:pointr:Check out my FAQS:pointl:

Defining Features:

• Availability: Closed
• N/A
• N/A
• N/A

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Aquatic dragon
• Attitude: Aggressive, Not tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: Sonic, electric pulses
• Habitat: Deep Ocean.
• Diet: Omnivore - Smaller aquatic life, Ships
• Element: Electric, Water
• Gender: Males are darker, with cool coloured markings

• Availability: Open - Limited
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Flaming, Undead
• Attitude: Neutral, Tamable
• Conditions: Prove knowledge of world
• Communication: Yips, barks, whines
• Habitat: Anywhere where there is something combustible.
• Diet: Omnivore - Grass, leaves, Minerals
• Element: Fire
• Gender: No gender

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] Aquatic, Otter Dragon
• Attitude: Neutral, Tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: All languages
• Habitat: Ocean
• Diet: Herbivore - Fruit, vegetation
• Element: Water, Earth
• Gender: Females have longer mane

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] [link] Owl squirrel
• Attitude: Friendly, Tamable, clepto
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: Squacks, can be taught to speak human
• Habitat: Kyronis forests
• Diet: Omnivore – Small animals, Berries
• Element: Wind
• Gender: Males are more colourful

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Flying sandwyrm
• Attitude: Neutral, Tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: clicks
• Habitat: Pandora Desert
• Diet: Omnivore - minerals
• Element: Wind
• Gender: Females have lighter wings

• Availability: Open -Limited
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Draconic, Undead
• Attitude: Non-friendly, infectious, Not tamable
• Conditions: Must be other than infected Avian.
• Communication: Hive mind, Coloured eye transmission, Screams
• Habitat: The swamp lands
• Diet: None
• Element: Unknown
• Gender: Dissolved gender

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] Insect Unicorn, Undead
• Attitude: Aggressive towards magic, Not tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: Yips, barks, whines
• Habitat: In the space between dimentions
• Diet: Magivore - Magic essence
• Element: Space
• Gender: No gender

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] Cacti
• Attitude: Friendly, Tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: Flies
• Habitat: Global
• Diet: Minerals
• Element: Earth, Water
• Gender: No gender

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Dragon insect fairy
• Attitude: Neutral, Tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: chirps, whistles, can learn human language
• Habitat: Tropical Azion Forests
• Diet: Omnivore – snails, fruits, bugs
• Element: Wind
• Gender: No gender

• Availability: Open
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Four eyed beast
• Attitude: Friendly, Tamable
• Conditions: None.
• Communication: Moans, Grunts, growls
• Habitat: Human settlements, plains
• Diet: Omnivore – anything it can find
• Element: Earth
• Gender: Males are bigger

• Availability: Open - Limited
• Appearance: [link] [link] [link] Giant Ground Dragon
• Attitude: Neutral, not tamable
• Conditions: Prove knowledge of world
• Communication: Rumbles, human language
• Habitat: Tundra, Mountain, Volcano
• Diet: Omnivore – everything while awake
• Element: Earth, ice, fire
• Gender: Males have more fur
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*has just discovered this amazing account*

I adore your art so much, and how you make all these species (im here with 0 species and 0 art talent) .o.

But um, may I draw my own Kyet..? They're so cute and floofy <3 They're open, which I assume means I can make my own, right? Sorry if i'm wrong, just got into DA recently.
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
Could I make a flytt please. 
kilara's avatar
Yup, they are an open species ^_^
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
Sweet i'll get to making one and will send you the link when i'm done. 
ColbaltDragon333's avatar
if you don't mind...i would like to make a Flytt.....they kinda remind me of Fey Dragons......and i love them........just let me know when you can.

...also.....your other characters are wonderful...i especially love Exiel and Cain.......i wish you the best on your comic dear...i really look forward to reading it!
HollowSystem's avatar
Are the Odroth still open??
Acinoynx's avatar
I'm thinking about making a rakekk. They're so darn cute <33
Kiamere2401's avatar
Are there special conditions needed for Flytt? Or can I just make one?
xXAudioSlaveXx's avatar
Could you please note me on how to get a Cinder?
ChunMeiguiProduction's avatar
more creatures then i had ever hoped to create. awesome job i love your art style!
Chilipper's avatar
Awesome! ;u;

Can I make a Rakekk or no? o:
SashaWren's avatar
So we can go ahead and create the ones that are open species? Because I'd love some of these. :D
GinKibaKage's avatar
Could I make a flytt
Dani00000's avatar
Can i make a Flytt?
Linebreaker's avatar
I love the Amsk with the rose in its mouth! <3 Perfect.
GinKibaKage's avatar
I just recently joined and I was hoping that in the near future I could draw 1 of your XM. The Rakekk?
xChemi's avatar
I wonder, would it be alright to make an Amsk? I know you must get asked this all the time, but I saw they where listed as limited so I asked.
ferretsketch's avatar
Would you mind if I had my own avian-species, but couldn't change shape to a human and was much different? I really hope you don't mind :)?
kilara's avatar
Please read my FAQs [link]
ferretsketch's avatar
Then, the answer is no
Sorry for have bothered you, if you excuse
I think I am bothersome…
ferretsketch's avatar
Just sayin',
If you made a book, I would be fricking awesome
Ruitai's avatar
I would love to make a Flytt <3
They are gorgeous and too cute to pass up C: If I do make one I will note you the link :3
Ruitai's avatar
Actually I am tempted to make either a Rakekk or a Flytt. I don't see enough people making Rakekk's C:
RainbowPegasis's avatar
The flytts always remind me of those two dragons from breath of fire four. Astral and Aura cause they have those insect wings. I love them though <333
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