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If you follow me on Tumblr, you would recognize this from a good while back, and yeah the Suien child's design is based on the old suien's design. I did edit it a little to match a little better.
This was an interesting experiment in making a little comic/series using the same background for all of it. Some of it is a little rougher than others, and this definitely took a lot longer than I had imagined. It was the most fun drawing the faces as silly as I could.
I have entered a contest, where it has come down to social media popularity, and well I'm not- so...
It would be awesome if you could vote #6 (me!) Today is the last day to vote!
>>… <<
Maybe I could reach 3rd place
Maybe encourage your friends to vote?
That would be awesome!!!!
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Haha funny and super cute :)
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All these cuties oof my heart
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Maybe I should draw them in the super blob cute chibi style next?
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yes please
please do
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Those expressions of their game and toy gone in a single bite.  Very nicely done :D
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Yeah, the Guarri can be little tricksters!
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oh those are adorable! lil cactus guy too!
voted for you, hope it helps! Also hello fellow londoner! i didn't realized you lived in london, that's awesome!
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Yay London!
I'm looking forward to the con, although I'm a bit concerned about the table I've ordered, there has been some miscommunication, and I'm hoping it sorts out soon!
I hope I will be able to have a table!
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