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i lov rarimaud



Do you do Requests?
I dont do request by Kazhmiran
Do you do Commisions?
Commission CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
Point comm CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
Do you do Art Trades?
Art Trade CLOSED (Stamp) by Kazhmiran
When will you open Art Trades/ Commisions/Requests?

Probably not ever or for a very long time :( I'm sorry DX

What program do you use?
Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed

I use Sai most of the time and am currently learning Photoshop

What tablet do you use?

I have a Wacom Intuos Pro

Can I make a base of your artwork?

Sorry, but no :( I'm no longer allowing bases. Same goes for tracing and recoloring my work.

Can you make cover art for my fanfiction?

I am not currently doing cover art right now so I can focus on school. I only did cover art for stories about my characters anyways XP

Can I find your art in other places?

Instagram: @kianamaiart


Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?

Of course! Link it to me when you're done! (or if it's fanart on dA, just use the mention system and I'll see it :D)

Who are *insert character here*'s parents?

Check out bios here…
OR take a look at this Ultimate Next Gen Guide
Ultimate Next Gen Guide by kilalaaa

Can I use your design for Claire/T/Dragon Ponies?

Yes BUT please go here and read the description carefully
Dragon Pony Ref by kilalaaa

Is there anywhere else I can find info about this "kilalaverse" and the characters in it in general?


Where can I find fanart and fanfics about these nex gen characters?



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634 deviants said Geode Glitz
523 deviants said Sunshine
485 deviants said Overcast
354 deviants said Morning Star
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136 deviants said Cinder
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Ayyyy is me! This is just gonna be a journal kinda updating you on what's up with me if ya care to read~

You guys have probably noticed that I haven't been posting here as much anymore. A lot of it's because I'm just busy and my showrunners have entrusted me and my board partner with a big episode and it's kicking my ass LOL. But it's also because I'm just not as into the pony stuff anymore. Still love the show to death but I just don't find drawing stuff for the fandom as enjoyable anymore. I tried coming back a few months ago and was having a great time for a little bit but aaah idk. Just started feeling like a chore to post stuff all the time. Too much pressure (the homophobia and racism didn't help much either). I also didn't feel like I was growing anymore by doing this kind of stuff.

As much as I wanted to keep up the pony art for all of you who do like my newer stuff and support me regardless of my choices, I just felt not happy doing it. I don't have as much time and energy to draw for myself anymore now that I have a full time job drawing and writing. So when I do get the time and motivation to draw something, I want it to be something that I really like. And doing pony stuff kind of required a lot of time and I felt a pressure to develop each and every character which is a lot of effort ahahaha.

I really felt that the past few years of my life have been dedicated to drawing, drawing nonstop and making content. It made me kind of closed off to the world and I wasn't making an effort to hang out with friends and get outside and try new things. A lot of it was just because I liked drawing and it was my happy place and it was also due to a pressure of wanting to get better at impossible speeds out of fear that I'd never get a job in my industry. But I do have a job in the industry and I feel like I've finally made a name for myself. So many amazing opportunities have come my way since last year and I feel more confident in my art and more secure in my abilities.

So now! I want to dedicate more of my time to being with friends and picking up new hobbies. I've only recently started doing this and it. Feels. So. GOOD. Makes me regret working TOO hard in college. A lot of my time could have been spent building relationships. But I've learned from that mistake and have since learned to kinda give myself a break every once in a while! I encourage you all to work hard to achieve your dreams but also make sure you're giving yourself time to work on your relationships and just enjoy what life has to offer.

ALL THAT SAID. I think it's safe to say I probably won't be posting here much at all. You can follow me elsewhere if you like my non-pony stuff (I'll put links at the end of this journal). Tbh I haven't been posting much everywhere else because like I said, this big episode is kicking my ass haha. I'll probably pop on every once in a while to see what's up because I do still enjoy talking to you all and I realize a lot of you aren't on any other platforms. But yeah we'll see!!

Other than all that here's some other little updates!

Big City Greens!! 
Big City Greens (the show I'm boarding and writing on) is KILLING it with ratings!! Thank you to those who have been tuning in and watching! My episodes still won't be out of a while but definitely keep watching! It only gets better and funnier!
"Disney Channel’s “Big City Greens” ranked as TV’s #1 telecast in the Wednesday 10:00 a.m. half-hour among Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14, topping Cartoon Network (“The Amazing World of Gumball”/”Teen Titans Go”) and Nickelodeon (“Blaze and the Monster Machines”)."
San Diego Comic Con!
I'll be there! hmu on insta or twitter if you'll be there if you wanna say hi! I'm mostly going to party with friends and idk how much I'll be in the actual convention but I'll be in the area!

I was debating talking about this but I feel like you all should know. Lop and I are no longer together and we haven't been for a while now. We've both addressed it on tumblr but since our biggest joint followings are here I think it's only fair that I let y'all know. I was hesitant to talk about it knowing that we'd get people prying. But I still get so many people commenting, asking me to ask Lop why she blocked them or asking if we're still together and also drawing fanart. For those who follow me on other platforms you know that I'm with someone else now but it's gotten to the point where people think she's Lop ha. So I felt like I needed to say something to clear all that up. As I said back on tumblr, we'd both appreciate if you didn't pry about it!

I don't know what to title this part

Welp that's all I really have to say! Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I'm in a very, very good place in my life right now. I think this is the happiest I've been in a while. And I hope you all find the same happiness I'm feeling right now~ 

Love you guys! <3

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to everyone who gave me hate for giving grown up spike wings (which was a lot of people surprisingly)...

Hi friends! A long time ago I made a journal about making an online presence for yourself and one of the points was 'know what time to post'. This just popped up on my dash today and I thought you all might find it helpful~…

All times are EST
was gonna hold a contest for people to draw my otps but then i realized i already did that akjdhaf
New stuff is going in the folder titled "MLP: Next Gen the Squeakuel" btw 🙌🏾



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