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Pretty Guardians of Music

This is from the Sailor Moon musical. I got reallt bored and made a collage thingy...REALLY BORED...dont know if you noticed but i got lazy and got of some of the sailor scouts hair O.O not too much though... :mwahaha: oh well... sounds like a personal issue to me
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You have the actresses wrong. In your collage the actresses (out of costume) is not the same as the ones in costume for Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Other than that it's really good ^^
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Yes I know. ^^;
The actual actresses are from the same picture, but I wanted the costumes to be consistent since they didnt have the same picture format design for those three that they had for the other actresses.
Does that even make sense? >_>

But thank you. =]
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wow....i didnt know they had Sailor Moon musical.... XD
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Yeps! Weird Ain't it? I've watched it. It's fun to sing along with!