5th annual Dance of the Roses event! (CLOSED)

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1/14/19: Results are now up for both categories. Congrats to everyone and we hope to see you next time!
1/3/19: Happy New Year everyone! The Dance of the Roses is now closed and judging will be underway this weekend since the judges have gone back to school. All entries were really beautiful this year and I can not wait to see what next December brings! Until next time!
12/31/18: I know I said I wouldn't do this but, with it being New Year's eve and people being off of DeviantArt, me included, I'm going to extend the event to the second of January so that everyone can enjoy themselves today and not worry about it now. And happy New Year you guys!
12/13/18: You guys have 18 days to get your entries and extra image(s) done and submitted!

A letter from CRS's owner, Emily Kirkland:

Hello one and all! It's that time of year again! I want to welcome you to our annual Dance of the Roses event! This is the fifth year that we've had this event and we're so glad to host it every year. If this is your first time here, we welcome you and don't worry about what to do or where to go. You can ask as many questions as you want. Dance of the Roses is a musical liberty with partners, kind of like 'Dancing with the Stars' but with horses. It does get cold here in Scotland, so I suggest you bundle up and grab a hot chocolate or hot apple cider from the main house. Don't worry about stalls, we have plenty of warm insulated stalls for your horses. And we can move some of our horses if we need to. But when your horses are dancing, please remove their blankets so they don't get over heated. Good luck to everyone!

Previous event:
4th Annual Dance Of the Roses

Hosted by:
Kilala20000 and Crystal-Rose-Stables 

Crystal Rose Stable's out door arena.

Outdoor arena, snow on the ground a non-slip cover is under the snow but not seen; 5ft stone wall as a fence. The stone wall is decorated with white lights and blue and silver ornaments. The trees are barren of leaves with snow on them and white lights wrapped around the trees and silver and blue ornaments on the branches. You guys may decorated the background how you like but these decorating's must be in there. You can have it during the day, evening, or night. Lights must be on during the night.

Winter (Weather calls for light snowing)

Start and end dates: (Sign ups begin now until a week before the show ends)
Nov. 14th to Dec. 31st at MIDNIGHT CST (I WILL NOT be allowing extensions this time!)

RULES (please read and understand everything!):
  • YOU MUST advertise this show so others can join.
  • PLEASE tell me if your entering. Link your advert in the comment.
  • This a mother and son/ father and daughter dance. 
    • Which means you can have two entries this time. One for each category only!
    • You can choose which category you want to enter for. Let me know if you'll be entering one of the categories or both of them.
  • Since this is a stabled event, I can not allow wild/ un-stabled horses to participate.
  • If you can not have your image done on time, please with draw from the event.
  • Full body traditional or digital with background and story included only. 
    • No line arts will be accepted! 
    • Has to be your own art! 
    • And please put effort into your entries!
  • Trainers/Owners may be visible (optional), but not on the horses.
  • All types of horse breeds are welcome. ^^ (Fantasy and non-fantasy)
  • Foals may enter as well. I don't really have an age limit.
  • If you have a mother, son, father, or daughter of or from one of my horses, you may use it with their family member that I have.
  • Don't be a spoiled sport for the others participating.
  • Since this is a mother and son/ father and daughter dance, your horse must be paired up with their son or daughter.
    • I will be checking it!
    • If they are adopted, like how Sarabi adopted Shenzi, please show proof that they are adopted. Like pictures and stories and stuff.
  • Mares and fillies are required to have at least 1 to 10 roses in their mane and tail. Color of the roses does not matter.
  • Stallions and colts can have some decoration on them as well but nothing to complicated.
  • You guys can choose your songs. 
  • Songs are used for the dances. You can use the song for inspiration or a theme if you choose.
    • You get one song change if you can not do anything with the song you choose first. So choose your songs wisely! 
  • Extra images are not optional and encouraged and will have a say in your final result.
    • Ex: Arriving, meeting the horses at CRS, meeting the other competitors, preparation, practice, etc.
    • One to two images is required for both categories. Any other pictures will not count but you can do them if you want.
  • Put 'Excelsior' in your entering comment so I know you read and will follow my rules.

Prizes: (If you guys could donate prizes, that would help me out alot!)
1st place:
-A show ribbon, a fullbody of your horse, and two free slots to any of my horses that have slots available (Bloodlines included).
-A slot to Murasaki Yoko from Takai-Yubikiri (They will role traits)
-Slot to any Blue Stone Park equine (Nordanner, Padro or other) and custom Faequine (Noble, solitary or half breed child of monarch) from hinto-namid 
-A Full custom of a BeatusAlatus from DaretoDream0 

2nd place:
-A show ribbon from me, a half body of your horse from me, and one free slot to one of my CRS horses that have slots available.
-A slot to Kuron Knaito OR Tenshi no Tenmei from Takai-Yubikiri (They will role traits)
-Slot to any Blue Stone Park Padro or other breed equine and custom Faequine (Noble, Solitary or half breed) from hinto-namid 
-A semi custom or a surprise custom (pick gender, type, and base coat) of a BeatusAlatus from DaretoDream0 

3rd place:
-A show ribbon and a Chibi from me.
-A slot to Gabriel Reyes from Takai-Yubikiri 
-Slot to any Blue Stone Park non-mutation Padro or other breed equine and a custom Faequine (Noble or Solitary) from hinto-namid 
-A surprise custom (pick gender and type) of a BeatusAlatus from DaretoDream0 

4th place:
-A show ribbon and a head shot from me.
-Slot to Blue Stone Park other breed equines and a custom Faequine (Noble or Solitary) from hinto-namid 

-A show ribbon from me.
-Custom Faequine (Noble or Solitary) from hinto-namid 

6th and on:

-A show ribbon from me.

* Kilala20000 
Mother and son dance: F151 CRS All I want for Christmas with her son K499 CRS Let love take flight (Song: "Field of hopes and dreams" Cover by Richard EB)
Father and daughter dance: Will not be entering.

* Aliennor 

Mother and son dance: Will not be entering.
Father and daughter dance: A5099 Remuda's Mad Suibhne with his daughter A6170 Imagine That (Song: "The Waltz of the Snowflakes" From the Royal Ballet's Nutcracker) (She has Remuda-Livery 's permission to use Suibhne)

* DaretoDream0 
Mother and son dance: 245 BDS Beyond the Sun with her son 6043 BDS Beyond Repair (Song: "This is Gospel" by Panic! At the Disco)
Father and daughter dance: Will not be entering.

* ValiantShadow 
Mother and son dance: A1912 Polaris with her son A4416 Kittridge (Song: "Mordred's Lullaby" by Heather Dale)
Father and daughter dance: WOS Midnight Oil with his daughter WO Heart of Midnight (Song: "Blue Lips" by Regina)

* CheeseDraws 
Mother and son dance: Will not be entering.
Father and daughter dance: BB's Morning Rain with his daughter RGS The Blue Lagoon (Song: "I won't leave you lonely" by Shania Twain)

* hinto-namid 
Mother and son dance:
1889 BSP Melody of Angry Growls with her son 7709 BSP Alda (Song: "Mama" by My Chemical Romance)
Father and daughter dance: 8068 Into the Woods with his daughter N2547 BSP Cinder (Song: "Overture" Anna Karenina Soundtrack)

* FawkesHaven 
Mother and son dance:
Will not be entering.
Father and daughter dance: 7356 Hail to the King with his daughter 21857 Poet (Song: Walking in the Air by Celtic Woman) (She has Hogwarts-Bound 's permission to use King)
(A check mark means that your entry is done. and an x means no entry got submitted within the time limit. Since I'm entering, I will not be a judge. Two of my friends are helping me with this or I might have you guys vote. The same rules will apply to me as well.)
  • Mother and son dance: A waltz for her love (DOTR 2018) by Kilala20000
  • Father and daughter dance: (will not be entering)
  • Other images: Just follow me (DOTR5 Extra image) by Kilala20000

:check: by Fufu-NekoAliennor
  • Mother and son dance: (will not be entering)
  • Father and daughter dance:  Waltz of the Snowflakes by Aliennor
  • Other images:  Waltz of the Snowflakes Extra Image by Aliennor  Waltz of the Snowflakes Extra Image 2 by Aliennor
  • Mother and son dance:  DotR | A Dancer and her Bundle by DaretoDream0
  • Father and daughter dance: (will not be entering)
  • Other images:
:check: by Fufu-NekoValiantShadow
  • Mother and son dance:  Dance of The Roses V | Star and Falcon by ValiantShadow
  • Father and daughter dance:  Dance of The Roses V | Late Night Lightning by ValiantShadow
  • Other images:  Dance of The Roses V | Extra Image by ValiantShadow  Dance of The Roses V | Arrival by ValiantShadow
:check: by Fufu-NekoCheeseDraws
  • Mother and son dance: (will not be entering)
  • Father and daughter dance:  1.4: I won't leave you lonely (4th place) by CheeseDraws
  • Other images: 1.3: Arrival by CheeseDraws
  • Mother and son dance:  Return from the Ashes - DOR '18 by hinto-namid
  • Father and daughter dance:
  • Other images:  Return to Crystal Rose Stables - DOTR '18 by hinto-namid  An unpleasant meeting - DOR '18 by hinto-namid
:check: by Fufu-NekoFawkesHaven
  • Mother and son dance: (will not be entering)
  • Father and daughter dance: <da:thumb id="774010518"/>
  • Other images:  Traveling Abroad by FawkesHaven
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