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Burst - Tyrantrum




She has no idea what pokemon she is, but she wanted to be...well..."a fearsome and fully evolved dinosaur or something" cause she was tired of getting BASIC bursts like Yamask and Totodile. Surely enough her wish had been granted and she swears she'll catch one of those whenever she can, if only she knew how it was called.

Ability: Strong Jaw: keep your fingers away cause she bites hard

Earthquake (TM)
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw

Spring Forme: The Burst makes her taller, but also makes her carnivorous, well more than she already was.

Winter Forme: Dinosaur and Ice ag---err Winter does not get along so well. Anise herself is not much in a battling mood in snow, more like a mix of happy memories and sad ones and "I miss him" stuffs (cause...well she did meet her boyfriend near Snowpoint City during the first UBF and all, AND said boyfriend gave her a Ralts for Christmas during BFOI Y1)

Autumn Forme: In the case where a battle would start, she would take off that pretty coat, she has a grey sweater under it.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Anise is mine 
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I really like The Spring Form. Waiting on the other two : p