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Some nice abstract works i found recently !

Container 500604-5 by Sei-Zako flowing world by Annanoke Day 823 [9-20-15]: Parallel Tracks by BuuckPhotography Day 784 [8-12-15]: Layered Patterns by BuuckPhotography D3Light by A2Matos Linear 3D by A2Matos The Cloud by A2Matos The Designer by A2Matos fragmented reflection III by stachelpferdchen fragmented reflection III by stachelpferdchen Mall Abstract by Ragnar949
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At last, another exhibition !
I'll attend to the 35th Photography Event in Tresses, near Bordeaux, 10th-12th october 2015.
as a guest of honor photographer, and member of the jury.
65 photographers (155 photographies) will contest at this event.

By the way, i updated my website, made it fully responsive, and updated the styles... check it out :
Enfin une nouvelle expo
Je participerai au 35ème salon photo de Tresses, à côté de Bordeaux, du 10 au 12 octobre 2015
En tant qu'invité d'honneur photographe et membre du jury.
A cette occasion, 65 photographes (pour 155 photos) seront en lice.

Au fait, j'ai mis à jour mon site web, devenu "responsive", et mis à jour les feuilles de styles : Venez le visiter :
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Some nice abstract works i found recently !

Ufo by KizukiTamura the way out by m-luciaMunheongwan by wertysachu rythm by neinoten Reach for the sky.. by Yaksss no more parking on this planet by EintoeRn Crossroads by redwolf518Back Side With Orange Dots by KizukiTamuraLight Project B by Christin-Jernigan Beautiful, beautiful Oslo... by Einsilbig the way out by m-lucia

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Hello everyone,
Just a little heads up, i have an exhibition planned between May 13th and June 4th. In Paris.
thanks to a painter friend of mine : Martine Panafieu :
The exhibition takes place in Paulia Rosa Gallery : in "Le Marais" neighborhood in the historical center of Paris.
I'll be attending the opening, May 13th (18H30-21H)
Approx 15 photos of mine will be there... various themes (architecture, walls, light painting...)
Si vous êtes sur Paris le 13 mai venez faire un tour !

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Hello all,
happy new year to everyone !

Here is some stuff i stumbled upon today

A-0472 by krisgruber <da:thumb id="425326697"/> MetalliK Soul 2 by Pierre-Lagarde MetalliK Soul by Pierre-Lagarde Exit by leoatelier <da:thumb id="424899992"/> Two old robins sitting on a snowy fence by AiniTolonen New Perspectives (Part 4) by Einsilbig Synergy by Einsilbig fire wall by partiallyHere <da:thumb id="425483365"/> <da:thumb id="417991624"/> Headed East by Ragnar949

And some deviants to discover :
Pierre-Lagarde :iconpierre-lagarde:
AiniTolonen :iconainitolonen:
Einsilbig :iconeinsilbig:
Ragnar949 :iconragnar949:
Some works i found recently...

Calming Curves by dynax700si Metallic Origami by dynax700si Two Dimensions by dynax700si Exterior Decorating by dynax700si Golden Ratio (firewood) by JonathanSzeretlek Cup Of Tea by KizukiTamura Frange helicoidale by LeMatos Layers by dynax700si H by arsenrork orange peel... by iangrahamimages Les pieds aux bords de la piscine by LeMatos Reves d'urbanisme #12 by LeMatos berlin fernsehturm by ChristianRudat Progress by Pierre-Lagarde Urus photo 53 by Urus-28 Urus photo 54 by Urus-28
Recent discover : FxSanyi :iconfxsanyi:

Here's a selection of his works. One of the few things i really adore in photography : abstract geometry :)

Parallels by FxSanyi Perseverance by FxSanyi Reconstruction by FxSanyi Inversion by FxSanyi Rubik III by FxSanyi Burn your memories by FxSanyi Up by FxSanyi Sunder by FxSanyi Nexus by FxSanyi Sedimentary Society by FxSanyi Rubik II by FxSanyi
A little funny project i'm starting, collecting all the avatars depicting an eye :


i used a little php script to get random avatars and select the ones fitting the serie :)

if you want to help, feel free to reply to this journal and put the : iconusername : +  plain text username (the avatar must be one eye, and the main subject)

i think i'll put all the avatars into a static image to avoid "loosing" some avatars (as they can be changed by their possessors)

IMPORTANT NOTE : I WILL NOT SUBMIT THE COLLECTION AS A DEVIATION, IT IS NOT ART THEFT. Though you can ask me to remove your avatar anytime.

See you,


Find the deviants name (i can include them here, because of deviantart 60kb limit per journal entry (?) :
Eyevatar's deviant listList of the deviants whose avatars have been included in this collection :
1oshuart 32celcius acjub Selenada Adurnah WXYZell afroditeohki Alaneye alexander-zhao alexandruana AlexGarner Alkharia Alucard210 AlyxOh Shanky-Killy AspenumbraArt LensLove78 Anna-Mariaa aquaalice ArcticFruit AliceSBlue ArthurBlue Ran-Zu Artshardz aruarian-dancer Arya-DragonQueen asuka111 aurelia-acc AustrianDreams awesomenessbringdr AyameMarquis Azzeria belez Blackbeast-pp badershirawi BleronaRoci bluedragoneye bluethroat Boehmy BornFromSilence bowiegirl bRaiNdeeP BrideOfObscurity bsettimelli c85 Camerondovento candlelace Chamirphin Cheetour Chinaiwa Chocolatita cloudsea Cmac13 CobraVenom crazystella7777777 :devcrelight
Recent discover : kyberhai :iconkyberhai:

I just love when photography approches abstract art, yet keeping details of urbanism. I hope you'll like his works :) enjoy :

Urban Sunrise by kyberhai This Way Up [Red Square XII] by kyberhai Yellow Square V by kyberhai Red Square X by kyberhai Strike Out by kyberhai Greyquake by kyberhai Red Square II by kyberhai February Freeze by kyberhai Silver Snail 2 by kyberhai Cubism by kyberhai
A recent discover : AiniTolonen :iconainitolonen:

You know i like rust and textures that makes landscapes and scenes, so you should appreciate the work from there is some masterpieces there... Poetry and imagination are very powerful when combined :)

Island Revisited by AiniTolonen African Mood by AiniTolonen Adonis Captured by AiniTolonen Until Dawn We Dance by AiniTolonen In the dream I climbed the Tree by AiniTolonen Gregor Balancing by AiniTolonen Minus Eighteen by AiniTolonen
Just a recent discover : anickmorel :iconanickmorel:

Trinity by anickmorel Totem Embrace by anickmorel The alien who got skinned by anickmorel Burning by anickmorel Nebula 1 by anickmorel Colliding lightbulbs by anickmorel
Found an artist today : Chikizzo :iconchikizzo:

Here's a little selection of her works:
The Depths by Chikizzo Stegosaurus by Chikizzo Haneru by Chikizzo The Travelers by Chikizzo Bookshelf by Chikizzo Witness by Chikizzo Sunning by Chikizzo
A little featured works from my sister Feelin3 :heart:

Sleeping dog by Feelin3 Prey of a son by Feelin3 Red Amaryllis by Feelin3 Train Station by Feelin3 Oh my Butterfly by Feelin3 Concrete Pink 1 by Feelin3 Beauty Queen 2 by Feelin3
Since i'm active on deviantart again, i thought i could do "features" of other artists again.

Check out dropoflight :icondropoflight:

A lof of really interesting photography, with various forms

A little selection i like from his gallery
:thumb138762835:  :thumb118721752: :thumb87938806: :thumb68339243: :thumb73698333: :thumb96371299:

And i especially like the abstract stuff :)
:thumb63256595: :thumb100144650: :thumb209979566: :thumb209979112:

See you later

Hey people, long time no see...

Just a heads up : i'm decided to dig into the deviantart functionalities (at least the ones for the non premium members ;) )
and the fact that i can create a specific folder for favorite is just what i needed to gather the land art pictures available on deviantart.

So don't hesitate to point me (through comments on this journal / notes) to some land art you've managed to find.

Hop everything's ok for you people.

Take care

See you soon

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