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Ahhh, it was time to submit something more abstract.
i hope it'll please the people that are bored by the darkroom high contrast "classic" shot i submitted lately.
abstract is quite difficult to find when you know too much the place where you live.
you need to have a fresh look on the environnment to be able to "use" it

there is a french expression ("il faut faire abstraction de...") (need to make abstraction of...) (dont know if it exists in english by the way ^^; and i think i understand it more now :)

anyway, hope you like
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Well done, as always!
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Grrreat. A small detail is, that the horizontal lines are not completly parallel. You might want to twist/stretch the image, to obtain this. You might also not care :)
Dagas's avatar
:heart: a-b-s-t-r-a-c-t. ;)
punkie078's avatar
i like how perfectly you lined it up. it works. good job.
cat13's avatar
i like the shade of the lamp a lot, and the lines too.
you came up with a good idea. :D
LenaRaskin's avatar
Took me a full view to understand what's that.
Great shot!
Don't know why, but made me smile :)
NaujTheDragonfly's avatar
took me a bit to figure this one out...great shot.
LDL's avatar
great vue....

the absolutely vertical vue is amasing...
where you go to shoot this one ?
tain t'etais positionne ou pour shoote si vertical ?


polvereinnamorata's avatar
I think it would have been perfect if straight ._.
wexotype11's avatar
Awesome. :]
Great title.
aspirit's avatar
Yes I understand exactly what you mean. I love the geometry in this. And that one little shadow, gives it an edge. :)
chaaaLaLoco's avatar
looks like if u took a shot from up, but it a wall, right?
garudanam's avatar
very good, i love your shots.
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abstract is back :D
i know exactly what you mean by that saying... its a bit like performing a song so many times, then after a while you get bored of it then lose the excitement and "abstract" it once had, but later on you look back at the song and find a different "abstract" edge to it and once again youre excited about the song...
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I like this. Very nice :)
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Nicely done, an abstract peace can be very refreshing once in a while...
gensanity's avatar
the placing of the light and shadow is a ver nice contrast to all the other straight shapes
ositaka's avatar
nice composition!
videmo's avatar
Are these books? O_o?
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