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Long Exposure Light Painting

By kil1k
A small tutorial i finally had the time to achieve...
I know it's a limited thing to really understand all the things involved in the long exposure light painting process, but i hope it can give you some pieces to make your own artwork.

Link to the ^superkev news about "knowing light" : [link]

Ps: sorry for the possible grammatical and spelling english mistakes ^^;
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jonbrzozaphotos's avatar
nice tutorial,I'm going to put my own light painting photo's on page at some point in time.
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
this is awesome! thanks =D
Siera2's avatar
un tutorial genial!! :D muchísimas gracias! un saludo ^^
diavolinas's avatar
thanks for sharing
GoddessSellyGomez's avatar
Works with a Nikon L120?
Ruby-Blackthorn's avatar
GReat little tutorial :D Exposures are one of those thing in photography that I get confused on.
vanillaicedsgn's avatar
one thing I want to ask, why the drawer ( who paint the light ) isn't taken in photo ??
how it can be???? :confused:
is there another technique or setting ??

sorry,I haven't try this technique ..
answer,please ... :D
one question, how is your arm, or you not in the photo with the flowers?
DreamJ's avatar
Hey your tutorial will be submit in :iconlight-dream: ;)
Smimooz's avatar
Merci pour cette image et le tuto, je n'avais pas pensé à couvrir les sources de lumière...
pigeonwhisper's avatar
do you put the color cover on top of the flashlight or the camera lens?
mxgirl199's avatar
That's really cool. I'll try this sometime. Nice effects!
GoGo-T-W's avatar
Reading this makes me want to try it. And I know someday I will. Though I may need to borrow someone else's camera.
slophoto's avatar
i love light painting, and this is a great resource. thanks for taking the time to share the technique, and please consider our group's request to add this to our resources accessible to our members. thanks!
BioshockMari's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial, can't wait to do this later! :D
thoraxeimpales's avatar
woah i had no idea this was the way to actually take those kind of shots. i kind of worked in reverse. the light would be in a certain place. usually lights i had no way of controlling. and since i couldnt move the light i would shake the camera and move it in all sorts of ways. im going to try this out some day. very good tutorial.
BioshockMari's avatar
I was doing the same. NOW I know how to do it properly!
thoraxeimpales's avatar
haha i had no idea. i still havent gotten to try this out. i have to try it soon!
songsinurhead's avatar
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... *cough* thanks for making one of these.
kitsuK8's avatar
thanks so much for this tutorial! im so going to have to try this!
TaGiRoCkS's avatar
i've tried this before, it sort of worked and looked reasonable, but this just helps to know that what i'm doing is sort of right
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