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This is my Object Show Account! so that basically means I will be posting mainly Object Show related content! ^_^




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Long story short, 2 thing happened in September which triggered my paranoia {and probably gave me trauma} which lead me to spend the whole month of October cleaning + removing copies of files I've made, thankfully am done organizing my files however in return this meant that my Halloween month was only spent taking care of those file everyday all day. I also want to apologize for not drawing/posting anything for this past 6 months! I wanted to do a come back on October, draw some Osctober drawings, maybe began drawing and writing my AU, and just over all do Halloweeny stuff, but well, things didn't go according to plan and my whole Halloween month + day wasted away taking care of those files, I also need to get a new computer since I developed a bad habit of restarting it almost everytime I did something {By that I mean Reset the PC and install windows from fresh} and well, I've done this over 20 times {Originally 10+ but because of what happened in September this bad habit increased
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This was going to be a status update but for some reason is broken??? Anyways, none of you know this but I ran into a problem with Chrome early August in which for some reason my YouTube History was not working, it was not syncing at all and I wasn't sure what was the cause of it. For some reason I blamed it on Adobe Air and Kisekae, I think it was because the pop-ups in Kisekae scared me and the link to Adobe Air was kind of sketchy (I have a hard time downloading stuff since I don't want to make the same stupid mistake that my stupid 10 year old self made and download a virus lol) Sooooo I basically spent the whole month of August messing with Kisekae since I was going to uninstall it by the end of August but I still wanted to save pictures of the characters I've made (It took me SO LONG since I kept getting attached to randomly generated characters lol uhhhh, and was also trying to change their hairstyles and accessories to make them "unique" lol) Anyways I just uninstalled it and
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Yeah am not doing it lol, okay so I been planning to repaint my room for a while now and I was originally going to do that on the 18 but then it got delayed for the 19, then 22, 23, and I was finally able to get ONE of the paints the 24 (I need TWO paints to do that but they couldn't "Make" the second one) so now I have to wait until June 29/30 to get the other paint) not to mention I also have to repaint my desk and other wood thing so, am basically not going to have time to do the whole remake in less than 4 day and there is no way am making that during July lol. I am still planning on drawing more but am making "Remaking my Room" my main priority, so I don't become unfocused. I also have this BFB AU in mind since FOREVER so I kind of want to share about it lol (Definetly not on Twitter, but maybe here and on Instagram and Youtube??)
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Hello! :]

◆ You seem to have found my new account which I am now starting to use oof- :'] ◆

◆ At the moment I am busy with school but I hope I am able to start drawing again! >:'0 ◆

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Hello and Welcome To My Account! ^_^

I don't plan on using DeviantArt as much as I originally did but I do plan on posting here too! >:'0

I'll probably be more active on Twitter and Instagram once I am done being a procrastinator! <:']

Also I'll be making a Carrd to add some Introduction info! ^_^

Have a good day!

Happy belated birthday!

:woohoo::party::cake: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :cake::party::woohoo:

My Thanksgiving Penguin! Happy Thanksgiving~~ My Thanksgiving Penguin!

It's November 25th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness, and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

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The Birthdays Team

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!!! Thank You! :] !!! + Happy Thanksgiving!


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