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  • Listening to: Muse - Feeling Good
  • Watching: Two and a Half Men
Hey everyone.

Just a few things I feel I should say.

First, to anyone who still watches me because they are looking for art, you might as well stop. I don't exactly do art anymore, and when I do it's nothing I'm going to bother to post. It's too much of a hassle and I really don't enjoy art anymore, a certain someone has killed that hobby for me.

As of now, the only thing I use this account for is connecting with other artists I admire and to post the occasional picture edit for my UTAUloid.

Now, I'm not saying I don't have friends on here, I'm just saying that if you come to my page or watch me because you're looking for real art, you won't find it. If I were to get back into art, I would post it on another account, because there are certain people on this account that I don't want seeing anything I post - except this.

To everyone I can still tolerate, i.e, my UTAU friends and other artists I admire, thanks for watching me even though I never post. To the certain people I am no longer friends with or associated with, just stop. I'll stop watching you now, because looking at your journals and art makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

(If you're reading this and don't really understand it, then chances are it doesn't really concern you. So sorry if it seems mean, I'm really not a mean person. C: )

P.S: To a certain someone who should know who he is, yeah, I'm done with you. I know we haven't exactly spoken in a while and we seem to be on relatively good terms, but I just need to say that I'm sick of you. In the passed few months I've realized how incredibly immature you are, and I'm tired of your attention-hogging, 'aren't I so great?' attitude. We are on two entirely different levels of maturity and intelligence, and being around your childish ways makes me feel stupid by association. I'm genuinely embarrassed when you speak to me, I would much rather you just didn't. This is not meant to be a jab to start a fight, merely a statement of the honest-to-God truth. I don't want to start a fight, I just want to sever what's left of our connection and make sure that you know that I'm not interesting in being around you or your group of equally-immature followers. Don't talk to me anymore, we're not friends. Grow up.

And you have no right to be angry with me for any reason. I don't need to consult you about things that don't concern you.
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I know, I know, I haven't been uploading.
But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything =)

Lately I've been working on creating my own UTAU =D
(You can see pictures of her on Inukasa's account. He did the character design ages ago.)
She has two songs so far (Super Driver and Melt), although neither of the uploaded versions are very good =.= I've got the good versions on my iPod. I'll upload then whenever I have internet on the computer that they're on >.< Kinda hard to upload something without internet.

Aaannyway, that's why I've been dead on dA.
If you wanna listen to her songs, you can check them out on my Youtube account =)
-----> <-----

In case anyone's wondering, I will be re-uploading both of her currently-posted songs, and she will be singing Meltdown, Romeo and Cinderella, Magnet, Trick and Treat and Black Rock Shooter in the near future.
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First up, BakuB =)
You may have noticed that I haven't been to active on dA lately >.>
This is probably my new computer's fault D:
I might have told a few of you... my computer doesn't want to install Photoshop for me D: I'm going to try again, for like the fourth time, later today and hopefully it'll work this time.
I've got a few lineart pictures that I've done that I need to colour/finish colouring, including BakuB's contest picture (it's just sitting there half-done... Bakura's hair's coloured, and so is BB's... And I think BB's eye are coloured, too >.> ) and the picture requested by me 20th watcher (I'm sorry, I can't remember your username off the top of me head. You know who you are though~)

If this works for me then I'll also start on :iconelliyos:'s and :iconwonder-mechanic:'s kiriban prizes.

Well, I just wanted to update and inform you all I'm still alive >.>
Fingers crosses~!

Kiriban Winners~

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 11:57 AM
<3 Yay~ Thank you all for giving me 1,000 pageviews!

My kiriban was caught yesterday~

Okay, but here's the weird part.
No one has yet claimed 1,000~ Although two people have claimed 1,001.
Seeing as how the dA pageview counter has been known to mess up, I don't doubt this.
I'm going to wait until tomorrow for the person who caught 1,000 to say so~

If no one claims it, then :iconelliyos: and :iconwonder-mechanic: both win!

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Kiriban = Less than 40 views away!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 6:37 PM

As I write this, my view count is at 962.
That means 38 views to go to make my kiriban~

Don't forget now, everyone~

<3 <3 <3

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CSS by moonfreak
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Innocent or Guilty? ~Stolen.

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2009, 7:20 PM

You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
(So people reading this, if you want an explanation, comment.)

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your journal , delete my answers, type in your answers.

Kissed one of your DA friends?

Danced on a table in a bar?

Ever told a lie?

Had feelings for someone whom you can't have back?

Ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Kissed a picture?

Slept in until 5 PM?

Fallen asleep at work/school?

Been suspended from school?

Worked at a fast food restaurant?

Been fired from a job?

Done something you regret?

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

Kissed in the rain?

Sat on a roof top?

Kissed someone you shouldn't?

Sang in the shower?

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

Shaved your head?

Slept naked?

Had a boxing membership?

Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

Donated Blood?

Eaten alligator meat?

Eaten cheesecake?

Still love someone you shouldn't?

Have/had a tattoo?

Liked someone, but will never tell who?

Been too honest?

Ruined a surprise?

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you cant walk afterwards?

Erased someone in your friends list?

Dressed in a woman's clothes (if your a guy) or man's clothes (if your a girl)?

Joined a pageant?

Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?

Had communication w/ your ex?

Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

A total stranger treat you by paying your jeepney/tricycle fare?

Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

Thought about suicide

Thought about murder?

How bout mass murder?

Tried illegal drugs and the like?

Rode on a stranger's vehicle?

Stalked someone?

Been so drunk that you forget things that happened while you were intoxicated?

Had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

In love?

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So, hey, my wig for Minato Arisato came in yesterday~!
It looks so great, I'm totally in love with it <3 Gotta love that Kanekalon fibre. My Minato cosplay is almost done, too, so I'm getting really excited =3

On top of that, I'm just about ready to go fabric shopping for my Luka cosplay~!

Ahaa... wow, I can't wait <3
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Finally, it's almost time for my first kiriban.
Of course, it's going to be at 1,000 pageviews =)

You all know how it goes.
If you catch my 1,000th pageview, take a screenshot of it or whatever~
Message me, and I'll start on your kiriban~

It can be pretty much whatever you want~

[Also, I might have something special for my 20th watcher <3]

Come on, y'know you want it =3

:iconmikuplz:    :iconlukaplz:    :iconrinplz:    :icongakupoplz:    :iconlenplz:

((Dunno why the Vocaloids are there, just thought it looked pretty.))
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Mmkai, so uhm, this is just something I've wanted to post a journal about for a while, cause it's really startin' to get on my nerves 'cause I'm always hearing about it.

Boys aren't art thieves.
They can have talent just like girls can.

My friend has been accused multiple times of stealing his posted art from others. The thing is, he doesn't steal them. I know this because a lot of the time I actually watch him as he makes them, original base sketches and all.
He doesn't understand it, I don't understand it. It makes no sense.


Does his art look stolen to you?
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Well now, there's a few important things I want to mention...
For one, I'm sick D: It majorly sucks, I feel horrible.

Second, my computer burned me. Have you ever heard that if you put a turtle in water and slowly boil it, the turtle won't notice? Apparently I'm like a turtle. I had my computer on my lap, and I didn't notice it was even hot until it crashed due to overheating. When I got up, I was like, "Oww!!" I looked at my leg to see a red burn mark from my red-hot computer >.< Ain't I smart?

Finally, and this is the most important thing...
I asked my mom the most amazing question ever.
We were sitting on the couch, I was on my computer (on dA) when I came across a picture of Russia. What do I do next, you ask?
"Hey, Mom. Would you like to become one with Mother Russia? Yes, or yes?"
You shoulda seen the look on her face, it was so priceless. <3
Sometimes, I love her. She's so clueless.
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Right, so, although I have my own plans for what I'm going to be drawing in the near future,
I'm also suffering from artistic block >.>

So if anyone wants me to draw/edit/colour them something...
I'm now officially taking requests :3

iANTI Virus got hacked.
Everyone's accounts are gone.
The basic roleplay forums are gone.
We all have to start new accounts.

I hope they change the host site, like they said they might.
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A friend of mine recently did an Alice in Wonderland pic for his girlfriend,
and I instantly remembered how much I love that good ole' Disney stuff xD

So I'm thinking that I may do a few photos of some of the Disney characters, manga-style.
If I do, I will probably be doing my favourites:

-Alice in Wonderland
-The Little Mermaid (this one may be hard D: Stupid mermaid tails >.> )

And, hmm... Kingdom Hearts counts as Disney, right?! Ahaha... maybe.

Anyways, I also want to do a group shot of the main characters from The World Ends With You, so that might also be posted sometime in the future :3
:iconnekuplz: ~ :iconshikimisakiplz: ~ :iconjoshuaplz:


I know that a certain someone on dA has been wondering why I don't colour everything I post.
It's because I get bored.
I have a short attention span >w< Sorry.
Hopefully you can enjoy the lineart =)
Wanna see them coloured? You can colour 'em yourself if you want to x3
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Well, I've managed to find myself a working scanner =)
Meaning that I'll be able to work a lot faster now x3

I've scanned like, six or so photos that I will work on linearting and CGing in the near future. After I've CGed the two linearts that I just posted, of course.
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I've been drawing a lot lately.
And so, as soon as I get my scanner up and running,
dA is going to be flooded with linearts and CG's from me =)
(Well, maybe not literally 'flooded'... I'm excrutiatingly slow at producing artwork.
Each one takes me several hours... yeah, you heard that right.)

Regardless, my drawing skills have gotten a whole lot better recently.
Even though I'm still no where near as good as I'd like to be,
I can proudly say that I am getting there x3 Slowly.
I only hope my SAI and Photoshop skills can keep up.
Man oh man, is it ever good to be back on dA.
It's been far too long since I was last able to get on here T_T'
And, a new account calls for a new art style =D
(Oh, yeah, cause that definitely makes sense.)

Anyways, this time I'm gunna try the manga/anime style.
And of course, cosplays will probably be up here too, if I can get my freaking camera to magically become unbroken >N<
If it does get fixed, expect to see some Minato (Persona 3), Soul (Soul Eater) and of course, Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II) pics going up.

And, as I mentioned above, I'll be posting some anime-style art x3
Hopefully it doesn't completely suck ^_^"
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