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As the title says, this time I will open paypal commissions 
because I need to pay college, so here the rules:


Exclamation Emote by Gasara I don't do NSFW.
Exclamation Emote by Gasara No fetishes.
Exclamation Emote by Gasara No gore.
Exclamation Emote by Gasara No weird stuff with minors.
Exclamation Emote by Gasara I can't do complicated backgrounds, I'm so sorry </3.
Heart Emote by Gasara I can draw straight, yuri and yaoi couples.
Heart Emote by Gasara Yes, you can commission official canon ponies.
Heart Emote by Gasara I can do canon x oc couples.
Star Emote by Gasara Please, PLEASE don't push me, sometimes I have to do another duties but I will update you about your commission as soon as possible.

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudiosCategories stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

* by Kittyrocker Icon: 5 USD  * by Kittyrocker

3 by Kikuri-Tan1 by Kikuri-TanDr by Kikuri-Tan

* by Kittyrocker Style one: 8 USD  * by Kittyrocker

2nd by Kikuri-Tan.Pastel unicorn. by Kikuri-Tan.Crossover: Jack 'pony' Frost. by Kikuri-Tan
 + 5 USD for each extra pony
.AT: Genesis 'n Ribbon. by Kikuri-Tan

* by Kittyrocker Style Two: 15 USD  * by Kittyrocker

.Arttrade: Lily Dust. by Kikuri-Tan.Arttrade: Gloss. by Kikuri-Tan.Arttrade: Razor Sketch. by Kikuri-Tan
+5 USD for each extra pony
.Happy Birthday!!. by Kikuri-Tan
+3 USD with a simple background
.Pony Commission: Riouku Pegasus. by Kikuri-Tan

* by Kittyrocker Portraits (one style only): 10 USD  * by Kittyrocker

.Pony Commission: Quimey. by Kikuri-Tan.Pony Commission: Silver-Hound. by Kikuri-Tan.PointCommission: Riouku. by Kikuri-Tan

* by Kittyrocker Portraits (couples): 15 USD 

.Pony Commission: Assa-chan. by Kikuri-Tan

How to commission 

 Just send me a note with the title "COMMISSION" with:

 The category you want to order
 A clear reference of your character (and other Ocs if you want more than 1)
 Describe her/his personality
 If you want, suggest me poses or expressions for your oc.
 Any details (If I need to know)
  I will update you about your commission as soon as possible.
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