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Sherbet, Vanilla and Rupert

I TOLD YA' I HAD SOME DOODLES AROUND!!! :iconvibrantdogplz:
but just now I gave them some time and finished them (not all, there are more > u> )

Not much to say...
Sherbet it's still a little baby, so he's anxious when Vanilla is not around.
He's got a thing for candies, so they have a baby rattle shaped like a lollipop for him, hahaha, poor thing, he thinks it's real :iconawnplz: (they are responsable parents, you can't give too much sugar to a baby). The couple is having some parenting time together with the baby~ ♥
Sherbet is saying "hi" to everyone!!
Vanilla adores him, she can't believe how sweet children can be (yeah, that usually happens when YOU are the mother :XD:)

Wanna know how the little one was born?
Check out the comic: 
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Rupert (c) TamarinFrog
Vanilla & Sherbet (c) Kikulina
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OMG I LOVE THIS!! Love cross species pairings on pokemon!!
JustSomeFans's avatar
Huh I wonder what Vincent and verukas child would look like 🤔
Kikulina's avatar
wow;; that's a good question
JustSomeFans's avatar
Maybe like a Riolu with its tail on fire you never know
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
He's adorable! I see he has some of his dad's traits, too!
Kikulina's avatar
hahaha thanks! :XD:
lolcan1's avatar
uh i think he has that "i,m bored" look
lolzwaitwhat's avatar
i wonder how her poke fans react to her not only being off the market, BUT HAVING A BABY
MelodyTheBlackFox's avatar
idk why but when i saws this i thought (tou know what wouldv been cool if they had a little girl croagunk) :3
Kikulina's avatar
omg~~ <3 that would be totally adorable!
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I'm back. But this time i found this :

I swear to the holy banana waffles, this kid NEEDS a Captain's Haori. it just MUST happens. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ?
Kikulina's avatar
whot--  XD
sorry, I don't read Bleach--- 
T-Tylon's avatar
It's not a problem, really - in fact it was never a requirement.

But frankly, FRANKLY, i dare you to look at Sherbet and then at the first panel of the first link about and tell me that this two are not the same. I. DARE. YOU.
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ha todo esto,tengo una duda el bebe o cachorro es macho o hembra ?

I have all this, I doubt the baby or puppy is male or female?
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I don't know why, but seeing a croagunk face on a buneary somehow makes it even cuter.
Kikulina's avatar
ho would have say
mechazard01's avatar
Officially the derpiest looking buneary I have ever seen
WhiteFreak14's avatar
I'm a little late to the party, but didn't she used to hate kids?
Kikulina's avatar
yeah, she did ´v´
technically this happens yeeeaaaaars later :XD: and people change... pokemon change too ´v´)b
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