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Charaka Application
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Published: February 5, 2014
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:new: Added tear to right ear from the fight with the bear

Name: Charaka (char-ah-kah)
Age:  Adult (~4 years)
Gender:  Female
Height: 33"
Weight: 105 lbs on average
Build: With her weight compared to other females her height, she is wouldn't be called slender~! Most of it's muscle, organs, blood, and bone, but she prides herself on having a healthy, attractive layer of fat on her to smooth out her body lines and to protect her muscles and vitals against claw and fang.

Territory: Aryn
Family: n/a
........... Family Tree (including NPCs):…
Rank: Beta Warden

Energetic - Like the energizer bunny, her energy can keep going and going going. If a good hunt or run is not available to whittle it down then you can bet your whiskers she'll play and frolic that vitality off! She doesn't really stay idle and constantly tries to find work to do or something/one to play with. She LOVES games, stories, and songs! And knows quite a few of them! She doesn't care if they're silly or embarrassing; to her, it's just good fun! Running is also how she avoid conflict too: running from a strange wolf, running from Shadows, and running from herself. However, all the constant activity is starting to wear on her legs... And that chest wound kinda makes it difficult...

Emotional - While not a slave to them, she is perfectly happy letting whatever emotion she's feeling at the time guide her actions. In fact, she has a very hard time concealing her feelings; it either shows in her face, tone of voice, or actions. However, she is good at transforming them, temporarily, into another emotion. She particularly skilled at transforming them into anger and aggression. Her emotional nature also means she's not very good at lying... It just ends up plastered all over her face.

Nurturing - Raised by a loving family and with two younger sisters she used to pupsit, taking care of others is as natural to her as running. While caution dictates to avoid getting involved, if she wants to help then she’ll find a way to help. She has a habit of trying to teach others skills or lecturing others the various wisdoms she has collected in life. However, she knows that sometimes they have to solve it on their own and she'll let them, and sometimes cause them to, stumble. Discipline is handed out as often as praise in order to wean out bad habits and traits. Life is not kind nor easy. Young ones need to grow strong and wise to survive.

Affectionate - While she is aloof and sometimes highly aggressive to strangers, with those who she considers to be a friend she can be really touchy-feely with them. Her favorite way of showing affection is to cuddle up to them or to nip them into playing with her. She has a soft spot for stern and strict wolves, but likes to hang out with more outgoing and friendly ones as they are more fun. She's neither shy nor subtle, and if you're in her good graces you'll know it. 

Territorial - After losing her home and family twice over, she can be very possessive of anything (or anyone) that she considers hers. Anything that threatens the well-being of herself or her loved one is an enemy and must be dealt with before damage can be done. She is particularly threatened by wolves who are the same size as or bigger than herself, but she has the training and experience to put up a good fight against any opponent. Be aware that she might or might not give a warning before she attacks; however, she doesn't injure or chase after those who decide to flee or submit. Unless they've managed to rile up her fury that is...

Dominant - Being assertive is a common characteristic in Sky Walkers and Charaka is no exception. While she has no problem letting a worthy wolf lead, her tendency to want to do things her way show through, such as: offering a choice but in the same breath doing what she wants anyway, show-stealing and drawing attention to herself, and instructing others to do tasks. Even if she's not the alpha, she does well in a lesser leadership position. In fact if she's not, she'll be extremely frustrated and may resort to more aggressive means if honest effort fails. Her leaders need to have a firm and strict hand on her with any rules she disagrees with to keep her in line. As for leaders whom she doesn't respect, she will stubbornly ignore their rules and will do what she thinks is best, often trying to lead others behind the leader's back if an outright fight cannot be done.

Pup/Adolescent Year- She was born along with two brothers named Huenu and Tzur. She had an enjoyable puppy hood, playing with her litter brothers and eating and sleeping like most children do. It wasn't until the snow came when life first threw its fist into her heart. That winter was particularly harsh and prey was hard to get. She managed to make it while her brother succumbed to illness.

First Year - Even in their mourning her mother, Eremita, was heavily pregnant with her second litter. Spurring her father, Acheron, and her mother's brother, Wafai, to continue life as normally as possible. the following spring her uncle convinced Acheron that she was old enough to start helping out and learning how to hunt. Her uncle was the one who took her under his wing and taught her all he could on how to survive in the world. By then her younger sisters, Estel and Rajya were born, but her father and mother seemed to be stressed with worry. She even noticed her uncle becoming more uneasy by the week. When she finally asked what was wrong Wafai answered, "Do you hear those howls in the distance Char. They grow louder and louder each night. These old ears can tell they are gaining in numbers too. That there pack is what I call a war pack. And they're coming." She didn't really understand what he meant, but she could feel his fear. However, time passed and the attack never came. She enjoyed learning under her uncle and helping to raise and play with her two beloved younger sisters! Her father grew more distant and worried and spent more time patrolling. She could also see the strain of worry on her uncle and mother's faces. Her second winter was thankfully less harsh and all five of them made it through.

Second Year - Her parents decided not to have a litter, so the following spring left the birthing den empty. Her mother and uncle instead started to teach her sisters. She was being treated like an adult and she enjoyed it! It was nice to be felt relied upon to help provide for her family. She was able to join her father in patrolling their borders. She enjoyed talking and on the rare occasion playing with him. It seemed that the howls in the distance would never come and disrupt her happy life. One night in the summer proved her wrong. The large pack attacked them in the darkness as they slept. She tried to fight back in the chaos but when one of the enemy tore off her ear the pain made her fear and her instinct to live grow overpowering. She turned and fled, leaving the screams of her family behind her. She kept running and running until her lungs could no longer hold breath and her feet were completely numb. She collapsed into sleep. Too tired to hear the sounds of fear and pain that would soon later haunt her dreams. Fearful that the war pack would come after her she continued running, day after day, until her body screamed at her to stop. Eventually her body grew used to always being on the move. She now no longer feared the threat of death on her heels, but she now traveled out of habit. She learned how to hunt on the run and how to follow birds to carcasses. Come wintertime, she found herself between Kausen and Blutwald Pack territories. She wandered around the grasslands between the too for the rest of the winter, scouting out the land.

Third Year - After spring broke through she met her first friend in her new life over a deer carcass! She half traveled with Vivien and even met another loner named Delu, who she managed not to drive off luckily. Soon after she met a young wolf named Young Crash. After helping Young Crash in getting a fawn, she was invited to join an upcoming pack. She accepted hesitantly. Later she get's sick from the stress of that meeting and caught a cold and a new friend: Willow, although they only socialized a little bit. After recovering from her cold she returned to her friend Vivien and eventually worked up the courage to ask her to join the pack with her. Thankfully Vivien said yes and they waited for the pack to form. Impatient, Charaka found Marrow on her own and ran into the alpha, Howl. Thankfully Howl let her join and she met back up with Crash who showed her around. Now a member of Marrow she met several of her packmates: Yona, Ronen, and her best friend Gypsee. Vivien joined eventually and Charaka rose to the rank of Gamma Hunter. She even recruited Caiden, who she found starving, into the pack and started teaching him how to hunt. Curiously, she and Gypsee ran into one particular loner again: Alcatraz. Although neither Traz nor the girls had the best opinion of the other, somehow they managed to let by-gones be by-gones and get on friendlier terms. Speaking of friendly, Charaka also managed to grow a crush on Howl one sunny summer day! However, just as she felt like her life was secure, Howl was taken by rabies and Marrow, without a leader, was disbanded. The members, and her friends, scattered without telling Charaka where they were going.

Grief-stricken and insecure, Charaka searched for her scattered packmates. She met some wolves from other packs including: Gregor, Boone, Siobhan, and Aphrodi, and also met the loner Taz. Interestingly she encountered Alcatraz for a third time, uncommon for loners, and became friends! Eventually Charaka encountered Gypsee near the mountains near Blutwald. Happy to be reunited, Char learned that Gypsee was having Caiden's pups! But she also learned that Gypsee, as well as half of Marrow, joined Blutwald thanks to that Stallion... Crushed, Char escorted Gypsee back home in silence.

Fourth Year - 

Group History:
Monthly Special Events:
(F*ck these three. I never updated them anyway.)


(Not Canon) Stats: (12 points to spend)
Fighting Style: Defensive
Hunting Style: Long Distance Coursing and Herding
Power - **
Accuracy - *****
Agility - ***
Endurance - *****

(Not Canon) Experience: (Max 1 per season)
Training (max 3): +1 Acc, +1 Str, +1 End
Hunting: 4
Fighting: 3
Tracking: 0
Healing: 0

(dice pools, exp adds to pool, one 6= success, no bonus for multiple 6's)

Commissioned Art:
The Perfect Headshot of Char EVER! -

(also if there's ever a dog breed meme: Beauceron)
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I still love her and miss her <33
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Awww! At least you might see her granddaughter in DotW maybe!
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:0 Would YOU be playing said granddaughter...?
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Hopefully! I can only submit myself to the waiting list after she's old enough to be a teen. She's currently 4 months right now.
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Ah, okay, I hope to see her soon!
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DasChocolateProfessional Digital Artist
I just want to pinch her fat little cheeks lol
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Careful now! She takes great pride in her fat cheeks! lol!
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I love her new ref image! ;w;
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Thank you! I felt arty that day so I forego'd my trip to the zoo and spent my saturday drawing it and then doing nothing at all!
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"Alexandro - Athena's handsome nephew."

Alexandro - Athena's handsome nephew.
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*does not understand*
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SpicySpaghettioHobbyist General Artist
I sense shipment
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*facepalm* Omg where have you been... And yes Char x Alex are trying building a ship to sail~!
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SpicySpaghettioHobbyist General Artist
No I know LOL but I wanna see it progress XD MAKE IT HAPPEN
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I have to cut down on the rps I do have first. There's this one rp where we've been keeping on the back burner since october! I got to tie up loose ends!! Maybe florafudou and I can do a collab showing them on a date in the meantime?
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That would be great! >w< I like to color and do backgrounds more then make lines tough lel but either is good for me :33
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Then it's a date! lol! I can sketch it out and line it and then I'll send it to you! It'll take me a few days since I'll be busy this weekend with my family though.
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Lol I just quietly cancel those LOL
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I can't. They stay with me forever like a scar that cannot be healed. *still remembers the failed Char and Tam rp*
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Girl looks pretty sexy in purple Eyes 
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Why thank you!! And anything looks sexy in purple~! Bonnie Nom 
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florafudouHobbyist Writer
Jajaja if you say so xD
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I was reading over her information and I know you are updating it up I just noticed something; CHAR HAS NEVER MET RAZOR LIKE WHAT! O: !!!!
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