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Merlda Claws 2018 comparison by Kikithefox231 Merlda Claws 2018 comparison :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 7 3 So you're the reason our mom is gone. by Kikithefox231 So you're the reason our mom is gone. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 15 8 OOF I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS BUT I CANT USE IT by Kikithefox231 OOF I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS BUT I CANT USE IT :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 1 4 Tigris ref sheet by Kikithefox231 Tigris ref sheet :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 5 4 Background project by Kikithefox231 Background project :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 4 8 Kiki's story cover by Kikithefox231 Kiki's story cover :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 5 6 Crush by Kikithefox231 Crush :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 4 7 Fight or Flight. by Kikithefox231 Fight or Flight. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 7 8 Inkai by Kikithefox231 Inkai :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 8 8 Starryeyed by Kikithefox231 Starryeyed :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 8 22 Too far gone. by Kikithefox231 Too far gone. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 6 39 It would've worked if my mom was here. by Kikithefox231 It would've worked if my mom was here. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 1 39 Dangers lie Within. by Kikithefox231 Dangers lie Within. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 4 29 Found you. by Kikithefox231 Found you. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 7 63 You are the only Exception. by Kikithefox231 You are the only Exception. :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 9 34 Generations apon Generations... by Kikithefox231 Generations apon Generations... :iconkikithefox231:Kikithefox231 1 0


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Thank you Citteo for tagging me!

1) Aren't you happy you got tagged?
ye :D
2) How many friends?
more than I can count ^^'
3) Pets?
nope ; n ;
4) Favorite animal?
this one's too obvious
5) How would you rate your art, 1-10?
6) Hate humanity?
mostly but there's still some good apples out there :DDD
7) Opinion on School?
I despise it but I met my frens there soooooo 
its ok I guess
8) How's YOUR summer going? (Mine is bad :3)
(Oh nu DDD: )
9) Loving life? 
pretty muchhh
10) Inside or outside?
inside all day
11) Games?
I don't play much games tbhhhh
does playing with my sis count XD
12) The End. Happy?
yay :D

Okieeee my questions!

1. Do you like tieing your hair up or letting it down?
(If you're a boy then you can skip this if you'd like)
2. Favorite Aesthetic?
3. How long have you been on DA?
4. Light sleeper or heavy sleeper?
5. How long have you been drawing/writing/making other forms of art?
6. Otp? :333
7. Favorite type of flower?
8. Any allergies?
9. Do you still keep your plushies?
10. Coffee or Tea?
11. Favorite movie?
12. Favorite candy?


sorry to bother you guys ^^'


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Kiki | Jan 1st | She/her/they

"Don't use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them." Ephesians 4:29

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I'm also a Christian!
I can't draw humans for the life of me though. ; - ;
I can draw animals though!
I draw digital art mostly.
I LOVE HAMILTON!!!!!!! >w<
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Merlda Claws 2018 comparison
Update for this:…
YAY it's my 1 year anniversary on here!!
Thank you guys so much for all the support you guys have given me!
I've met so many amazing people on here and everyone's been really great!! (^ヮ^)
Now onto the drawing~
I decided to change her design a bit but her main design stayed pretty much the same
Also, her cape is made out of crow feathers so I tried to make a nice texture for that and hopefully it turned out ok!
It's honestly so cool seeing how much improvement I've made!! :000
Sorry for being so inactive guys! ^^'
I've been dealing with an art block along with a lot of school stuff
My main priority rn is to finish an incredibly late request then I'll see where I'll go from there 
So you're the reason our mom is gone.
Oof this took forever and I'm still unhappy with how it looks ; n ;
but oh my goshhh the recent Ducktales ep KILLED ME and I just had to make something for it!!!
Oh man the finale is gonna brutally murder me
can't wait :'D

also I think Della is still alive ; u ;
sorry btw I just realised some of the quotes were wrong ^^' I'm too lazy to fix it tho
ok ok ok so I made this for my wattpad banner but it was too large or something and I tried some other stuff it failed and I'm tired and ughhhhhh
so I decided to post it here cause I want make some use out of it ack
Tigris ref sheet
Okie! so my fren Citteo challenged me to make a Kemon along with her's! her'sisbettertbhbutshhhhhhhhhhhhh
I hope I didn't break any rules ^^'
Alsooooooooooo I'll expand on her backstory once we get it all planned out!
and btw it was a pain in the butt to draw all those stripes aaaaaaa :'D

The Kemon species is made by Ambrixen :D


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