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Can't Everyone just get Along?

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Published: December 10, 2017
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So finally after who knows how long I made another picture for my Skyward Sword story. The only thing is that it's not the picture I had had in my head so I have to adjust what I had sorta planned to write. But that's ok since I hardly ever have a firm grasp of what I'm writing. This will pick up where the last one left off.

progress vid

first pic I found you here by Kikis-Art-Journey second pic Here now with you by Kikis-Art-Journey third pic I stand beside by Kikis-Art-Journey fourth pic Getting Ready ...for the boom? Oops.... by Kikis-Art-Journey

Quick note, there is a comic version as well that I'm working on - page 1 -  Found You Here Comic pg 1 by Kikis-Art-Journey page 2- Found You Here Comic pg 2 by Kikis-Art-Journey  page 3 - Found You Here Comic pg 3 page 4 - Found You Here comic Pg 4

Link headed for the Bazaar going over his mental list of what he needed one more time as he stashed his new explosives away. "Potion shop is closest, I should get plenty of red, I still have two so maybe three more will be fine. Couldn't hurt to get one or two enhanced either." He mumbled to himself as he went through the crowd nodding to those that walked by him. some stopping to chat for a bit or ask questions about what was going on in the village building progress.

"Popular aren't we?" Ghirahim asked from within the sword seeing no reason to come back out for now.

Link shrugged "I'm the one that had to survive down her for like a year so I get asked a bunch of stuff about the land and how to avoid or find certain things all the time. 'Where can we find good material for building?' 'How cold does it get here? Will we need to find an insulator?' 'Where should we put the buildings? 'What area's are safe? 'What creatures are safe?' There's so many. I"ve answered a lot of them several times, but I can't really get upset, even after living down here for so long it's all still quite new to everyone, and i'm the only one that's seen most of the land. Everyone else has stuck close to the village." He explains making Ghirahim hum. "Sometimes I think Zelda makes them come to me instead of answering herself."

"Why would she do that? Such a lazy leader she makes." Link rolled his eyes at the comment and explained that he would sometimes go into the forest for a week at a time and so she would try to get him more involved in the village by having people ask things constantly. "So she is trying to trap you in a 'safe place' where she can watch your every move. Nice girl."

"Ghirahim...." he sighs as he comes up to the potion stall, "Hi Luv, got any potion I can buy?" she greeted him cheerfully quickly getting what he needed asking what it all was for. "I'm heading much farther in, I want to see if i can find where all the new monsters are coming from. So I'm trying to make sure I'm as prepared as possible. I'd hate to have a spider be the death of me after everything else I've faced." He joked a bit taking the potions and stowing them away in his pouch. "I'm not sure when I'll be back, it does take a few days to get to where i'm going after all." she nods wishing him luck and then playfully shooing him. He talks to her husband as well enhancing two of the red potions and patting their child's head saying he couldn't play right then.

Next he went to the supply store where Rupin as always was waaay too eager for Link's taste. He quickly stocked up on arrows, bombs, seeds and travel safe food leaving as soon as he could. "I can't stand that guy, he's so obnoxious." Link grumbled stopping by the cafe to grab a quick bite to eat, "Do you want anything Ghirahim? Fi never ate but I figured I'd ask." He said as he looked over the menu. Ghirahim appeared next to him spooking a few people before they realized Link was the cause and moved about their business. This made the Shadow Sword chuckle a bit.

"I don't need to eat, but that doesn't mean I can't indulge, However I doubt any of the food offered here would be to my taste." Link rolled his eyes saying that he was a terrible cook and only kept simple things at home so it was this or nothing really. "Where do you get your food from, other then that strange little man?" Link gave him an odd look but pointed to the grocery store. "Then let's go there." he grabbed Link's wrist dragging him along despite his protests saying any food they buy will be bad by the time they get back. But Ghirahim didn't listen and started looking over the selection. "I'm not going to fill your cabinets, just get something for dinner and breakfast. and things that I know how to make travel safe." Link gaped at him not sure how to respond to that. Once Ghirahim had collected everything he wanted Link paid and they headed back to his house. Ghirahim shooed Link from the kitchen "Go do something else I'll make the food. Oh don't give me that look. I am a very good cook I should think with how long I've been around that I've had enough practice." Link shrugged and went to his carving table picking up a new piece of wood.

An hour and one starving Link later Ghiaihim set food on the table telling him to come eat. "This...looks amazing." Link was drooling just looking at the food in front of him, the smell made it even better. He took a bite of some of the meat and couldn't help but moan at the taste before digging in. Ghirahim secretly beamed at the praise sounding nonchalant as he waved Link off saying if he couldn't do something so simple for his master what good would he be. Link paused in his scarfing and looked up at him, "You....just basically called me your master." Ghirahim froze realizing his mistake and not sure how to save it. "You know it's not a bad thing to be happy here right?" Link said hesitantly making the snowy haired man look away bangs hiding his face. Link cleared his throat trying to think of how to change the subject "So um, are you going to eat? I see you made a lot after all, you should sit down." The swords eyes snapped back to him wide. "what did I say wrong now?" Link whined.

Ghirahim shook his head getting a plate and sitting on the far side of the table silently. But he only poked at his food, "Demise....Never let me eat with him.... I had to wait till he was completely done and was allowed to take what was left if I wanted it. Since I don't Need substance it wasn't really a big deal but..." He decided to explain after about twenty minutes in which he hadn't even taken notice of Link getting up to refill his plate. "For as great as I was I was still nothing compared to him, but that was ok-"

"How the hell is that ok?" Link cut him off with a growl making him look up. "A sword is an extension of one's self. They are just as important as the warrior that wields them. You are worth far more then that piece of shit Ghirahim, so much more then nothing. And I never want to hear you say that it was ok for him to treat you like that again. Because it wasn't, something like that is never ok. Understand?" Link says sternly angry at how his new companion had been treated by his former master. Ghirahim stared stunned into silence before biting his lip and looking down nodding his understanding at the command. Link sighed, "You are my partner now Ghirahim, I don't expect special treatment, I don't even want to be called master. It always weirded me out when Fi would do it. Partners help each other, they look after one another. They are equals. Do you understand?" he asked softly but only got a small nod in return as Ghirahim was afraid to look up at him. "The food is absolutely amazing by the way, you'll have to teach me some time. I haven't had three helpings of anything since I was little."

At that Ghirahim looked up seeing the small yet slightly sad smile on Link's face as he looked down at his plate. "Your mother?" he questioned gaining a nod in reply. "How...old were you?" Link shifted looking up at the ceiling thinking about it before saying he was around seven. "So...quite young then." another nod. "How did they die? I you don't mind me asking." At this though Link shook his head so Ghirahim dropped it. Link stood up and started doing dishes as Ghirahim watched him. Link was so vastly different in so many ways to what he was used to experiencing. He had let go of the past so easily and was ready to move froward, with Ghirahim by his side no less. He had defended him, encouraged him, and told him to never let someone put him down. Link had even got angry for his sake. "You don't make sense boy."

"To most, no I don't." he grinned but that was all the response the Sword got so he decided to eat the cooling food instead before taking the dish out. "So what's for breakfast int he morning?" Ghirhim grinned saying it was a surprise, "Boo....well i'm going to carve a bit more before going to bed, make yourself at home." He said heading back to the table near his bedroom door. Ghirahim took his time looking around the house. He looked at all the meager decorations, most he could tell Link had either made or found on his travels. The furnishings were simple, there was two bookcases filled with random stories on either side of the fire place. A comfortable looking chair, and couch, and under the window was what Ghirahim figured was a reading nook. The bathroom was also simple like the rest, split into two halves. one for washing the other for doing ones business. He decided to snoop in Link's bedroom next earning a glance but nothing to tell him to stop. It was a bit more homey in the bedroom ten the rest of the house. Carved figures, artwork, some weapon concepts as well as gear were strewn about the place. The colors were warm and inviting, the carpet soft even under his boots. Again little trinkets here and there from his travels. It made Ghirahim smile a bit in irony, the great Hero of the goddesses lived so humbly, all this time he had thought Link would have been lavished with praise and things, and yet he lived at the edge by himself in a hut just big enough not to be claustrophobic. "Something amusing?"

"Sort of. I hadn't expected your home to be so...humble." Ghirahim tells the truth looking to him for a reaction but only getting a shrug.

"Trust me they tried, they wanted to make me this nice fancy house right in the middle of town, and everyone was trying to give me stuff. But it felt wrong, and it was just too much at the time. I had just wanted to relax somewhere comfortable and warm. I didn't need all that stuff nor did I want it. And I still don't. What's the point of having a bunch of useless fancy stuff anyway? and I'm just one person, why would I need a huge house?" he said as he pulled his knight's uniform off. "All I wanted when it was all over was to run. To get away from all the hands pushing and pulling, all the words, all the people. I couldn't handle it, not after being alone for so long. I was being overloaded. So I put my foot down and told them I would pick where my home was after the layout for the village had been made and the area determined. And that I would decide how it was built. And so here I am." he pulls on a shirt to sleep in and turns to face Ghirahim. "Zelda tried really hard to convince me to come closer to the village, but its not like I'm an hour away, I can still see it from here. So here I shall stay, when I'm not traveling of course." he grinned sitting on the bed. Ghirahim hummed and chuckled a bit before saying he was going to look at some of Link's books. "Alright I'm going to be then. Good night."

At dawn Link woke to the smell of cooking and sleepily made his way out of his room rubbing his eyes as he yawned. "Good morning sleepy head." Ghirahim greeted setting food down. Link had roughly the same reaction as the night before making the older man chuckle as he went back to the kitchen. Link glanced at him seeing him munch on some fruit as he prepared some other things. "Focus on your food Sky boy." He jumped at getting caught watching and went back to eating. he ended up getting seconds before going to get all his things together. Once he had double checked he had everything he came back out to Ghirahim setting the food he had prepared on the table. "Don't worry I know how to keep food handy when space is limited." he chuckled at Link's worried expression and snapped his fingers a bag appearing. "This bag is a bit like your adventure pouch but it's meant for food." he explained putting everything away "wouldn't want you starving halfway to the temple now would we?" he gave a sly grin making Link blush and look away. "It does make me wonder how you survived that year alone." Link's blush got deeper and he looked down now a hand over his belly. "You poor thing did you even eat?!"

"S-sorta... I had small rations... and in the forest there was fruit and stuff so.... and the Mogma's helped me a bit in Edin. I was a bit screwed in the desert though." he told him in a small voice "Fi always got mad at me for not packing properly but it's not like I had a lot of room for food. And people I skyloft didn't really kept that kind of travel food on hand sooooo..." Ghirahim gaped at him before dramatically saying how he couldn't believe he was bested by a half starved half pint of a child. "HEY!" Link bristled but couldn't help the small smile at the mans antics. "Anyway we should get going." he said grabbing one more small bag before heading out the door Ghirahim following. Outside the sun was still rising casting a nice golden hue on everything, including Zelda. "Hi?"

"Groose said you were planning to leave in the early morning so I figured I'd come see you off. He said he'd be waiting at Gondo's with your new stuff." she explained hands clasped behind her back as she looked down an off to the side " long do you think you'll be gone?
 she asked hesitantly.

"I'm not sure, it could be as long as a month depending on how bad it is." Link said somewhat honestly expecting it to take much longer. She looked up horrified and tried to protest. "I can't control time Zelda. I'm not going to rush my way there and either get hurt, or miss some important detail. You know how far away Skyview is, I'll be lucky if it only takes a three weeks to simply get there." he said firmly. "I'll be fine I promise, I have all my weapons, I have a strong sword, and plenty of potions. I'll come back. stop glaring at him." at the mention of his sword Zelda glared at the smirking Ghirahim.

"Link I trust you, I really do but..... Are you sure traveling with him is the best idea? I know I told you to get a sword but...."

"Zelda we already had this conversation yesterday." Link groaned.

"I think the little Princess is jealous that I get to travel with her Prince and she doesn't." Ghirahim taunted making the blond girl blush and thus a yelling match, well Zelda was yelling and Ghirahim remained at a calm taunt, began. "Aw, how cute you really are jealous!" he smirked.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS OF YOU!" she yelled "I am just worried about Link's safety! You are the least safe person in the world as far as i'm concerned!"

"Considering I'm the reason he had his first two proper meals in who knows how long I 'd say I am very capable of keeping him healthy and safe" Link sighed as they kept going and sat on rock to wait not wanting to be in the middle of it. "He's your hero yet you havne't even been paying attention to the fact he doesn't eat properly and always buys food from that cafe place."

"What?! I... I invite him to dinner all the time! Right Link?" he waves her off telling her to leave him out of it. "But I do you were just over the other night! We had stew!"

"Oh yes so hearty and filling." Ghirahim rolled his eyes and flicked his hair back over his shoulder. "Look whether you Like it or not he and I are bound together, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. So you'll just have to get over it. And when we come back, in one piece, I'll be waiting for an apology." he smirks once more and walks past her to stand in front of Link, "Shall we? I do believe there is an ugly brute we've yet to see before leaving." Link rolls his eyes and stands saying goodbye to Zelda before walking off. "She is dreadful, how have you lived with her on your case for so long?"

"You get used to it and learn to tune it out." Link shrugs "Can you like not antagonize her though? that really doesn't help anything."

"No but it amuses me how red in the face she can get." Ghirahim hums happily making Link sigh again as they come up to Groose. Groose disregards Ghirahim for the most part handing Link his gauntlet back and some more snap bombs he managed to get together. Before wishing him Luck and telling him to stay out of trouble. He gives Ghirahim a hard look but doesn't say anything and steps out of their way. "So I guess the new adventure begins now huh?" Ghirahim asks as they enter the forest leaving the village behind. Link nods rolling his shoulders ready to get moving again. Ready to do something more then sit and wait.

"Yes, let's go before anyone else tries to stop us for a chat." With that he takes off into the forest ignoring whoever had called out his name.


tada, a bit of a look at Link's home and some bonding time

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