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My Bio
Hello Everyone just call me Kiki, I'm a bit of an introvert so I don't really go out of my way to make conversation unless I really Really like something. But I do try my best to be an overall decent person so please don't be shy if you'd like to talk or ask anything.

If you like my artworks then please feel free to check out my creation process on my YouTube channel here… I talk about the art and why I'm doing it but also tend to ramble a bit as well.

I enjoy constructive criticism as in, "You did well on this, but could do better on that. Here's how I think you could do it." But I do not like when people feel they have the right to tell me what and how to art. Just because its not what you like doesn't make it wrong. Yes I've encountered this unfortunately I really can't stand people that go "I don't like it so you should change it to suite me even though it has nothing to do with me" like no I made it for me or someone else and we like the result. (sorry a bit of a rant my bad, see tend I ramble)

I am 'closing' requests for now, but will still do art trades and collaborations. Like with requests I have the right to say no, I'll give a small list of things I will and wont do, please understand as well that I may turn you down for reasons outside of these and that I am not required to give a reason why.
I put ' ' around closing because I may still do it for you but I will most likely say no. I am trying to eventually make art my career so I can't always make free art for people. If it's something small and simple then I'm more likely to do it. If it's anything like what I have on my commission sheet then most likely not.

I will:
do most anything that isn't on my wont list :3

I won't:
do anything overly perverted
Robots -small amounts of tech is alright/ uncomplicated armor is alright-
things that attack any religion or any kind of hate attack really
heavy horror -creepy or slightly scary is ok, just know that I am Not good at all with such things-
certain tv shows/movies/games either because I don't know them/ don't like them/ don't agree with them

('closed' see above reasons((I do take requests and will do art trades but I hold the right to turn you down if I don't want to do something. There are very few things I will turn down. But it may take time as I may not feel like I can work on it and will work on something else till I feel I can do your request justice, so don't get mad at me if I post several other pictures before your request. Yes this has happened and people have complained saying if I can draw some random picture then I should be able to draw their request. Not really how my head works.))

Overall I know I am not the greatest artist and there are many that have much more advanced skills then me. But that isn't gong to stop me. I have always loved art and always will, I have wanted to be an artist since I was very small. With every picture I grow and gain more skill even if only a small bit. To some they may not see the improvements but I can feel them, for even simply feeling more comfortable with what you are trying to do can be be an improvement as it means you are becoming more confident in your craft.
I am learning, growing, and improving with every scribble and full on picture I do and will continue to do so, I hope you'll join me on this journey of mine as I try to surpass myself taking inspiration from what and who is around me.

Favourite Visual Artist
Jazza from Draw with Jazza, Katelynn McCaigue, Ross From RossDraws, EternalLegend
Favourite Movies
All things Tolkin, Avatar(the blue people), Pretty much any Disney, All of Marvel, Every Ghibli ever, Stick it, Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Bleach, Kuroko no Basket, Kamigami no Asobi, Darker than Black, KND, House, Avatar the Last Airbender
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet, Lindsey Stirling, Two Steps from Hell, Pentatonix, Thousand foot Crutch, Three days Grace, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Avril, Kelly Clarkson, Heather Dale, Zendaya, Eyeshine, Celtic Women
Favourite Books
The Tortall Series, The Fire Within, Harry Potter, Warriors(only read the first three series)
Favourite Writers
the people that wrote the books I have listed?
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda, Spyro, Assassin's Creed, Dragon age 2, Pokemon, Mario Super Sunshine, Okami, Fire Emblem
Favourite Gaming Platform
I've manly used nintendo stuff but I don't know if I have an actual favorite
Tools of the Trade
Lenovo Laptop(I don't remember what kind), Huion H950P tablet, pencils, acrylic paint, inks
Other Interests
music, day dreaming, sleeping
im trying to animate!
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going to start streaming soon! come join me. working on legend of zelda art
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Prices are as such do not include shipping mugs 18$ garden flags 21$ rectangle patches 9.50$ light colored shirts sm-xl 24$ size xxl and up 25.25$ magnets 8$ cup coasters (custom painted to order) one side 10$ both sides 18$ Other commission prices are being reworked currently, I will edit when I have finished!
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Just popped back on and your art improved so much, Dunno if you remember rping with me back on Fanart Central . (darkwolf333 and DragonofDarkness18) lol am TheMaster34 on there now but not get on anymore really. But yeah felt like saying hi XD was thinking back to our old rps randomly XD

i remember, you were the first person i ever rp'd with. They were lots of fun

Yeah I still have some those character profiles, Though I been on tumblr alot these days and rp canons characters alot, I dont feel my ocs as loved as they once were lol

i still have the characters i redrew Alinta like three years ago for fun. but yeah when i do rp now it's normally with characters that are actually from something.

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HaHA, I have found you :D

You did........I'm guessing you are from the linktober discord? Sorry bad with names.

Yes yes! I actually go by the name chibi-haifisch, but since I cannot change that on here 😄