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Perspective Tutorial Part 1

Well, everyone voted for a human and building perspective tutorial, so here it is! Part two will come soon, I just want to make a page first. D8

Hope this helps people. :3

Part 2
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Phoenixalia's avatar
this was helpful thanks
Balron's avatar
I believe that going back to the basics can help many artists...including myself.
WarkEnto's avatar
Pretty good. I forgot some things about perspective...this was a nice refresher, thanks.
Kikirini's avatar
Glad it could help. :D
harukoyamada's avatar
I remember learning most of that in art class last year--!! :D Except, yours is slightly easier to follow. ^^;
Fallen-Angel-Li's avatar
I've always wanted to know how to draw persepective. This really helps!
Kikirini's avatar
Oh, you never learned it in your art classes? That's odd.
Fallen-Angel-Li's avatar
I probably learned it in elementary school, but I've since forgotten it.
NamelessKoneko's avatar
perspective iz hard! but we did this in class too for like 2 weeks straight...
in my art program they made us do a water color project of outside with these strange buildings! and the paper was huge! It took me forever to do! and fustrating, it made me want to blow my brains out...but it came out gud i nda end..haha..
PhoBug's avatar
Hi there :aww:
You’ve been featured in my monthly magazine:
Happy Art’ing - [link]
Hope you don’t mind =)
Kikirini's avatar
Awesome! Thanks for the link. :D
PhoBug's avatar
Most welcome =)
HiHiyori's avatar
Yay for tutorial! :D It's definitely going to be useful for me XD
Kikirini's avatar
Huzzah! X3 Glad to hear it.
Reminia's avatar
Thanks for the helpful tutorial :D
I just suck a lot when drawing BGs...
Kikirini's avatar
You're welcome, hope it helps you. :D
amiko16's avatar
w00t awesomesauce
one day i gotta take a persp class that's not online @_@
Kikirini's avatar
Yeah... ^^; I think most general art classes cover basic perspective, so it won't be hard to find, at the least.
amiko16's avatar
I wonder if I can audit something like that >>;
Kikirini's avatar
Hopefully. D:
Oliver-kun's avatar
Veery good, thats definetly going to come in handy. We had this at art class too, but yknow, crappy teachers nowadays D:
Kikirini's avatar
Aww, I'm sure they taught it well... ^^;
darkstar07's avatar
Fav'd. Going to be useful when I start my comic. :D
Kikirini's avatar
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