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Playing around with make-up once again.
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Wow, the colours in this are stunning! I love the contrast, and the sparkles!
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Just breathtaking! My favorite color is purple, so this is a must-love for me. :)
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This is awesome! The colours are so in your face and vivid I love it! So fun and bright, great look for the summer! I need to invest in some colourful eyeliners!
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Damn that's just beautiful and perfect.
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is that your natural eye color? both it and the make-up are beautiful!
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She wears contacts.
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oh! do you know where she got them?
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Honestly, no... there ARE a few shops you can find though... I'm on the wrong computer, but there is a site that has really cheap one-day contacts.
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OOH! love the eyes!!! O_O
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When I play around with make-up, I end up looking like a clown... when you play with make-up, you end up looking like a, umm, wait... cool clown? XD
I was just trying to say you're amazing at putting on make-up!!
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Thats a pretty eye! how u get it like that?:iconeyeplz::iconwowplz:
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The make-up is Amazing but what intrigues me most of this picture is the eye itself. Love how the green looks like an island surrounded by water.

Amazing job :D
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Pretty~ did you do a shot of the whole face like that? I'd love to see how it would look farther away
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I didn't unfortunately. I will next time.
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How awesome is THAT?? Wow, so amazing :omg: You blend the colours perfectly and I love the colour combination. :heart:
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wow that looks stunning!! i love the colour of the eye and the glitter makes it look totally awesome
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no problems :) i submitted a short story called ''burning sadness'' and it would mean a lot if you could read it and tell me what you think as it's my first ever writing piece
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