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Cake Co-op

Happy 2nd Birthday PKMNation

Everyone gains 6 lvls

They be making a marble cake with chocolate fudge icing

Derick -Trying to decorate the cake
Kiwi - Little Mess maker, even added the sprinkles that weren't attended to begin with
Xander - Spreading the icing, doing a sloppy job, but loves it
Seres - My very first Nation baby, trying to keep the strawberries from being eaten before the cake is finished
Hades - He's working on reading the recipe
Lola - She's nomming on the icing, hopefully it won't all be eaten before it's added to the cake

Hades and Lola belong to LovelyGryphon
Derik, Kiki, Xander & Seres belong to KikiLime

Derick App by KikiLimeXander App by KikiLimeKiwi App by KikiLimeSeres App by KikiLimeHades App by LovelyGryphonLola App by LovelyGryphon
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