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mecha vs ninja

Commission work :)
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ternyata dari indonesia jiga ga kalah... keren kang. mohon bimbingannya. lagi belajar gamabr :D
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:) makasih agan, oh teruskan belajar gan (saya juga masih belajar kok)...masih muda mah harus semangat yah, jangan banyak nongrong hahaha.
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Mohon bimbingannya ^_^. saya kurang suka nongkrong saya suka gambar hahahaha
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waduh, jangan begitu gan, jadi malu nih  haha..
bagus gan mendingan buat belajar anatomi, perspektip dll yang fundamental aja..minimal bikin repro tapi sambil kita bedah gambarnya(hanya untuk latihan yah :) )..bisa agan mah yang penting yakin aja :)
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ho gitu yah. yang fundamental apa aja kang selain anatomi dan perspektif?
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apa ya warna, garis, dll haha..imho aja :) yang penting gambar terus gan :)
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haha yang penting gambar terus. oke oke
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Great design bro
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So many levels of coolness into one image. Also, this could be a videogame.
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Are there two penrose's triangles in the top-right corner?
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Well i dont know for sure, but that is one of requestfrom my client :)
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It look kinda like'em.

Anyway, awesome Commission!
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Wow, truly awesome! I was wondering, I'm doing an article about the Drone campaign that your art is featured in and I'd like to post some of it in the the article to give readers an idea of what the campaign looks like. Since you and some of your peers covered mechas as the future of robotic warfare, I would very much like to post a pic to showcase that art. Would you be okay if I posted yours in the article?
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I'm so sorry this is commission job..i think i'm not allow to do that..
Sorry, my friend :)
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Not a problem. Got what I needed all around.
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dem ninjas better run!
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I think this is a unfair fight :D
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this is meant as a compliment:
i am reminded of transformers
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