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commission work :)
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I'm writing a fantasy romance series and wanted a unique character for my second book. Since I've always loved the Manticore character, I decided to see if I could find any art out there of a more humanoid version. This is SO perfect. My character is a bit more humanoid in the face and hands, but this is very close to what I had imagined. Great job!
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unusual to find a manticore standing up.Good job
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Impressive monster, and great lightning effect.
Awesome looking monster. A great humanoid version of the classic manticortica.
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Thank you my friend :)
A man who humbles himself in all things, shall by grace be rewarded. For as a humble man strives in his work, the angels are inspired by his grace. And though the man toils for what may seem a pittance, he builds his wealth in the heavens. And sometimes by grace the gates are opened by faith. You do great work, and now may the gates be opened to you.
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OMG, Thank you for the beautiful words, my friend....Thank you :)
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...So cool. So FREAKIN' cool!
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NP. Say... you wouldn't be offended if I said it looks good enough to be a Magic the Gathering card would you? :s
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Oh my...The art of Magic the Gathering is goddess, i'm just simply an ordinary artist, not worth it compared with them :)
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Pishaw my good artist! You are very modest and humble. I feel that quality will take you far in life. Even more so than your amazing art skills! Besides, you're very worthy of the comparison IMO.
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you praise me to much.hehe..Thank you, my friend :)
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Dahsyat gan!!
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Makasih gan, salam kenal ya :D
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I'm thinking My Little Pony in the Everfreet Forest.
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lol Is it really!?
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