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My Bio

my page is a tribute and iconic reference archives of strong and muscular woman library because:

I always liked to admire muscle as an art, an embellishment of the human anatomy.

to the point of wanting it myself.

I started lifting weights when I was fifteen and then continued to improve my diet.

and to love me more than I loved myself before, appreciating having visible and curved lines and the cut body in the summer, because not being a competitor in the soul, I dry two months a year.

I heard a lot of prejudices, a woman with muscles, this is ugly, you are not normal, you want to look like a man, no, a woman with muscles I find it beautiful, I am normal and flourishes and i want to look like a woman .... with muscles.

I want to please myself before wanting to please others, and if I don't like anyone, I like myself as I am then no problem.

now i'm going to talk about silly prejudice around ahletic women and bodybuilders

even if I think that those who will read me, are of course people who admire female muscularity "it will make you happy to feel the most normal in the world, because to practice it, to admire it, or to desire it for you or your spouse, many will call you bizarre ".

1.the most common shot is that a muscular woman or in search of strength is male. she is a human above all and has her character, not established by a dictate imposed on the collective conscience, all women with muscle are different, she was able to play doll during her childhood ,playing boy games or love the literature.

Yes me i am tomboy of nature ,you want wrestling, you're going to have wrestling and lose...but i love pink too and romantism.

2.the second shot is the physical appearance, a sportswoman has the features of a man, even without the substance abuse, no, she has marked features, the collagen of the skin reduced by the loss of fat, but if it does bodybuilding she is not obliged to dry and reduce the intake of lipids to the maximum, so a very athletic woman can have a baby face, do not link the hormonal imbalance with sport.

many women with beards have never done any physical exercise, and this problem can affect anyone on earth.

and if the large muscles are male, then does that mean that a woman is born without? "and I will prove to you by some images that the muscular volume is not related to the substance, the substances are especially a reinforcement with the effort and the capacity to assimilate the acids of the proteins.

3.insecurity, insecurity? personally I never understood this shot, the muscles are neither karate, a weapon, and the rapists do not look at the size of the biceps of their prey, so I am not sure that it will be dissuasive, that our spouse will be reassured or comforted by being with someone physically strong, the fear exists in everyone and again, it is a story of character, a person could tackle bruce lee more easily than big show, but a crazy him would attack both so .... I do not do bodybuilding to impress "I am small" and I fear for my loved ones that they are barracked or not

4.shot on boys who like muscular women, they are gay ... no, they like strong women, being dominated sometimes, the desire for the loss of control is human, they want the little distance that the muscular woman with the character of a tomboy, or simply have a look at the design, the lines, the curves and the hardness of the pulpit are an understandable desire, how many statue in the museums have the forms dulled by the caresses of the males visitors and womens.

and without wanting to put the muscular woman on a level foot, is it not pleasant to be with a woman mother, friend and mistress and that we have no fear of breaking it ?

5.a fitgirl is not a bodybuilder .... this shot is funny because, or place the barrier, if you do sports, bodybuilding, wrestling, sumo, you know, a practitioner is a practicioner, then there is the amateur and the professional, a fitgirl is a bodybuilding practitioner, if she competes then she is an amateur or pro bodybuilder. the categories are categories, miss bikini is a bodybuilder.

people with big sentences "abdominals, and toned it's cool for women, too muscular, it's ugly". toned girl can want more. the massive girl can decide to refine ... then the same person who spoke of the limit will have spoken for nothing.

6.This shot is recurrent because competition exists and makes it exponential.

"substances" all sports are concerned, time savings, energy, testosterone ect ...

anabolics and steroids are consumed mostly by people .... who do not do sport, yes, and the majority of products go to the farming industry .

so it's very tiresome to be suspected of consuming it, yes surgery exists, sciense evolves and one day perhaps, a product will be able to increase muscle mass without the drawbacks of existing products ... but that will not change not the speech, "unnatural, not the masculine ideal or of society and its look", I am chubby at the base and if fashion does not like me, I do not care, today I have muscles, so it's the same.

some girls take substances, others not some do surgery, but that does not take away from the work done in the gym or outside.

when i raise a cent bar, it's not a magic product that helps me but my determination.

7.sportswomen love sex

8.sportswomen do not like sex because the mucous membranes are dry and their desire is extinguished.

9.sportswomen have sexual disorders linked to consumer products.

10.fbb are lesbians.

lllloollll. so maybe it happens as it can happen to everyone. yes some substance influences sexuality, yes certain substances cause health problems in general, but in canned supermarket or candy too ... wanting muscles does not make a lesbian, even if it is the case for me, I found women prettier than boys before but I did not know why, then I found muscular women very beautiful to the point of wanting it to be too, and then I flirted with boys, and I didn't feel comfortable, I flirted with girls and I didn't feel comfortable ... then I listened to ladies and their greatness, their wisdom and their way of being made me want to be like, she, they were ... I left time to time and I met a girl who put her at ease.

deep down I was a lesbian long before doing lots and bodybuilding.

but all the girls in my gym are married or heterosexual.

and whether I like sex or not, whether I am dry or not, will remain my intimacy of course.

sorry for my poor English ...

here in any case the reasons for my tribute and my research (especially with confinement) i m

annoy me it's true ...

I hope you would like it.

... with images linked to antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the industrial era and today, you can be reassured about your fantasy or your desire on the Amazon and the Herculean woman who has always existed.

I will try to put all the comics, the animes, that they are serious,for child, for teenager, sexual, in humor or the mockery, the video games maybe if you asked me and go around the representation of the muscular woman.

thank you for reading

I do this work as a public library, educational institution or museum, and I am not seeking any direct or indirect commercial or economic benefit ...

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From the anime "Bikkuriman 2000". Her name Is Dynamic Ping Glamor (Doping Lamar), a female devil who gained muscles through daily special training and doping. She appears In episode 47 and 49:

In a a episode of "Teen Titans Go" called "Jam", there Is a team of muscular females called the "Brainy Brawlers".

Hey, I loved your muscle collection so far but got something interesting.

Here it comes.

Toon Buff's Short Comic Pg.1
Toon Buff's Short Comic Pg.2
Toon Buff's Short Comic Pg.3
Toon Buff's Short Comic Pg.4
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Just give you the biggest Muscle Minnie for your collection.


The constellation that returned from hell, chapters 45 to 47. A new buff waifu appears yet again.

hi, ty very much, i go see when i can

always a pleasure!

hello,j'aime votre profil,je suis un fan de la supériorité féminine,j'aime les histoires avec une fille démolissant des machos arrogants facilement,j'aime quand une fille s'amuse avec moi en me dominant physiquement,j'aime regarder le sport féminin,les athètes,les judokates,les volleyeuses etc...